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Seymour Johnson AFB Store Information


Look for the savings everyday at your Seymour Johnson Commissary where a
family of 4 saves over 30% or over$4400 per year. The sales are everyday at YOUR Commissary. You can even check yourself out with the self-serve registers.

Sushi Bar offers many varieties for all tastes!

Tobacco products will no longer be self serve. Please ask a store associate for help.

Remember-Lets celebrate "Going Green" at the commissary. We have a variety of items to help you. Bags to help carry your groceries and a number of others. GO GREEN.

Remember to look for our savings in the expansion room-large variety of club packs for even greater savings.

Panini Sandwiches are made to order in the Deli---you can also call ahead to place your order to save time.

We have added a new line of gluten-free products. Located on aisle 6. Also, located throughout the store.

Gift Cards are now available at the commissary or online . Purchased in amounts of $25 and $50. Come by the commissary for details.

Look for the fantastic savings from produce and meat department as you enter the commissary. Look for the savings board to show even more savings the commissary provides.

Rewards Card-a new way to save. Its easy and fast. Ask an associate for information.

Visit us here again for more information on special events and in-store promotions.

Commissaries will no longer accept special orders for unreasonable quantities or frequent/multiple special orders. Commissaries will no longer allow returns of unreasonable quantities. Commissaries will no longer allow multiple or split transactions for orders with coupon "overage." Commissaries are required to report suspected privilege abuse, which includes the purchase or return of unreasonable quantities. In general, quantities could be considered unreasonable when they exceed 3 cases or
36 units; this could include frequent or multiple orders/transactions in an attempt to stay below this threshold.

We now have fresh seafood available located by the meat department. Many varieties of fish, crab legs and lobster also available!!!


Holiday Operating Hours

December Holiday Hours

Saturday Dec 24 OPEN 0900-1600 hrs (early bird shopping 0830)
Sun-Mon Dec 25-26 CLOSED
Tues-Sat Dec 27-31 OPEN 0900-1900 hrs (early bird shopping 0830)

***********************************HAPPY HOLIDAYS**************************************

Sunday- Monday JAN 1-2, 2017 CLOSED

********************************** HAPPY NEW YEAR*************************************

****************Thank you for shopping your Seymour Johnson Commissary*********************


************************Kids Christmas Drawing/Coloring Contest*******************************

******************************TO WIN A FILLED STOCKING**********************************
All Art Work needs to be turned in to our Customer Service by December 17 for judging on December 18th.
We will have 3 age groups
1-5, 6-9, and 10-12
Please write your Name, Age and Phone number on the back of a letter size picture!

All pictures will be hung at the front of the store for all patrons to enjoy!
**************Merry Christmas from you Seymour Johnson Commissary staff!***********************

Commissary Value Brands

1) Why did DeCA decide to roll out a Commissary Value Brand program?
DeCA re-engerized our Commissary Value Brand program to respond to a growing demand for private label and value-priced products similar to whats offered in commercial grocery stores.
2) How many products are in the Commissary Value Brand program?
We selected about 300 products across 33 categories; however, we will continue to expand into categories where it makes sense.
3) What are the criteria for products being in the Commissary Value Brand program?
Value Brands items must provide the most consistent, quality, everyday low price for a minimum of six months that is equal to, or better than, store or private label brands found in commercial supermarkets.
4) How were the products selected?
Value Brand items were selected based upon meeting the criteria that they had a lower price than the equivalent store/private label item (formulation and size) and based on categories with a strong store/private label presence in retail.
5) What categories do the products come from?
Shelf Stable Vegetable, Shortening and Oils, RTE Cereal, Hot Cereal, Canned Fruit, Canned Soup, Canned Fish, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Household Laundry Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Food Storage and Wraps, Disposable Bags, Food Storage and Lunch Bags, Facial Tissues, Toilet Paper, Paper Napkin, Butter, Margarine and Spread, Pain Relief, Upper Respiratory Medicine, Stomach Upper G.I., Disposable Diapers, Olives, Jam and Jelly and Preserves, Pasta Sauce, Pickle and Relish, Catsup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Peanut Butter, Dog Food, Cat Food, Disposable Dish, Household Cleaning, Dish Detergent, Frozen Waffles and Pancakes, Ice Cream, Frozen Pizza, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Entrees, Hot Dogs, Bar and liquid Soap, Shampoo and Conditioners.
6) Will the Commissary Value Brand program be limited to the original product assortment?
7) The number could fluctuate up and down depending on brand/item performance, specifically at the six-month review timeframe as DeCA will be evaluating the program to make sure items are competitively priced and relevant to our patrons.
8) Why might a store or private label item be priced lower than a DeCA Value Brand?
Under the program, Value Brand items were compared and found to be cheaper in price compared to the average price of store/private label brand across the entire United States. Therefore, an individual store or private label item could found to be cheaper in one region of the country, or at a specific location, at a particular point in time. It is also possible that a retailer could be offering their store or private label item on temporary price reduction or on promotion at a cheaper price than the DeCA Value Brand item. However, Value Brands items are priced to be consistently lower than the temporary price decreases that may be seen since prices will remain in effect for 6 months or more.
9) How will Commissary Value Brand items be identified?
Value Brand items will be identified at the shelf with an orange label with the word Value. In addition, stores will have banners, posters, and other media announcing the program.
10) How can patrons find out about these items before they visit a commissary?
Whenever possible, a list of Commissary Value Brand items will be uploaded to and on social media.


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