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HOLIDAY HOURS: Monday, May 30th marks Memorial Day and the start of the Summer season. The Wright-Patterson Commissary will be open 9 AM-5 PM for all your grilling needs. Check out the first aisle facing the produce department. It has a good variety of grilling needs.
Speaking of grilling...we've got a special buy on Baby Back RIBS! YUM!

New research has shown benefits of chocolate milk for post-workout recovery. It has the perfect balance of protein vs. carbs. Go to, Healthy Living, Healthy Habits to read the full article then pick up a supply of this delicious and nutritious drink during your next Commissary shopping trip.

Have you resolved to eat better? The produce department is the best place for you to shop. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits is one of the best ways to meet your personal goals. If you're going to cook with what you've chosen, try to keep your produce items as close to their raw state as possible. For example, steam your broccoli and add some herbs or spices for flavor (Season-All works nicely) but skip the cheese sauce which adds fat and calories.

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? ... birthday in your office...dinner with a friend...or you're in the doghouse with your wife and a bouquet of cut flowers and/or BALLOONS would make the occasion (or apology) perfect? Come to the produce department of the Commissary for a beautiful, fresh flower bouquet or the Deli for a balloon bouquet to brighten up the day! We also have a very nice variety of potted plants to green-up your home or office.


ADMINISTRATION: (937) 257-2060/4601
BAKERY: (937) 754-0340 [48 hour notice requested for special orders]
CUSTOMER SERVICE: (937) 257-7474
DELI: (937) 754-0340 [meat, cheese & sandwich trays - 48 hour notice requested]
LOST & FOUND: (937) 257-3916
MEAT DEPARTMENT: (937) 257-2886 [special cuts & orders]
PRODUCE DEPARTMENT: (937) 257-2124 [fruit & veggie trays, fruit baskets - 24 hour notice requested]
RETURNS: (937) 257-2060
SPECIAL ORDERS: (937) 257-7474
STORE MANAGER: (937) 257-3916


Thank you all for your interest and continued support for your commissary benefit.

May Savings

Our Produce Department has an amazing array of plants and flowers just in time for spring planting. We've got a variety of colors of tulips that are ready to bloom. Bulb plants such as tulips will bloom year after year so they are the gift that will bring joy for years to come! We've got some really unique "succulent" planters & hangers that can't help but attract attention! Come check them out!

MEAT! This week we have Choice Ribeye Steaks on sale: save $3.08 off market value. Check out our unbelievable price on 93% lean ground beef! We haven't seen a price like this in a LONG time! The Manager Special on Choice (New York Strip) Steaks has been extended and bone-in pork chops are still on sale as well. Of course, 80% lean ground beef is always a great value at your Commissary. Sink your teeth into a great cut of meat! If you have any questions about any cut of meat or how to prepare it, just ask one of our meat professionals. It's what they do best!

Share the gift of groceries with other military families through DeCA gift cards. They are available near the check-out stands in $25 and $50 denominations.

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