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CASE LOT SALE! The long-expected and very exciting May case lot sale will take place in front of the commissary on May 5-7 (Thursday-Saturday). Save, save, save. Save the date, save some time out of your day to stock up and save money. Bring your coupons to save even more!!!
Brand Nomenclature % Savings
Xing Tea Green Tea Drink--4 flavors 10.8%
Juicy Juice Variety Summer PK 27.6%
Juicy Juice Fun Size Variety pk 23.6%
Arizona Green Tea Drink 12pk 21.5%
Arizona Arnold Palmer Tea Drink 21.5%
Cascade Ice Water 7 flavors 34.6%
Sunny Delight 4 Flavors 36.8%
Van Camps Beanee Weenes 3 varieties 20.0%
Gatorade 18pk 3 Flavors 40.9%
Gatorade 12 pk 3 flavors 39.4%
Lipton Tea Sweetened Raspberry Tea 10 qt 25.2%
Lipton Tea Tea Mix half/half lemonade 32.1%
Lipton Tea Sweet Refresh K cups 24.1%
Hi C 10 pk drinks 4 flavors 12.6%
Sparkling Ice Water 10 flavors 21.6%
Dynasty Jasmine Rice 17.8%
Mott's 12 pk apple sauce pouch 2 flavors 16.5%
Green Giant Mushrooms pieces & stems 30.2%
Del Monte Ketchup 57.0%
Del Monte Fruit Cups 12 pk 3 flavors 20.0%
Del Monte Spaghett Sauce 9 flavors 56.6%
Hunts Tomatoes 6 varieties 41.2%
Nongshim Oriental Noodle Bowls 5 flavors 23.4%
Libby's Corned Beef hash 28.8%
Kikkoman Soy Sauce Red 20.1%
Old El Paso Mexican Seasoning Mix 39.1%
Old El Paso Refried Pinto Beans 38.7%
Old El Paso Green Chile Peppers 42.9%
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce 4 flavors 35.2%
Kraft EZ Mac 12 pack Special Buy
Toastem Toaster Pastries 4 varieties 37.7%
Kellogg Pop Tarts 5 varieties 34.7%
Nabisco Cheese Nips Crackers 49.7%
Pringles Potato Chips 3 flavors 35.9%
Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn 3 flavors 35.1%
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 6 varieties 22.4%
Alpo Dog Food 2 flavors 24.1%
Purina Dog Food 2 flavors 17.9%
Fresh Step Multi Cat Litter 19.5%
Fancy Feast Cat food 6 varieties 31.3%
Tidy Cat Scoopable Cat Litter 3 scents 27.6%
Kibbles N Bits Original Dog Food 31.2%
Milk Bone Med. & Large Dog Biscuits 26.2%
Meow Mix Salmon & Chicken Cat Food 33.6%
Dial Liquid Soap 2 scents 13.2%
Dial Liquid Soap Value Size 2 scents 32.2%
Dial Body Wash 4 varieties 18.0%
Suave Hand Lotion 3 scents 29.6%
Suave Body Wash 4 scents 30.5%
Tide Liquid Detergent HE 2 scents3 Special Buy
Gain Liquid Detergent HE Special Buy
Bounce Fabric Softenere Sheers 19.3%
Downy Liquid Fabric Softener 150 loads 7.6%
Downy Liquid Fabric Softener 1.1%
Pampers Diaper Cruisers 18.1%
Tide Detergent pods 7.8%
Gain Detergent flings 5.2%
Purex Liquid Detergent 29.0%
Charmin Bath Tissue 2 varieties 13.0%
Bounty Paper Towel 8 rolls 13.4%
Bounty Paper Towel 8 rolls 12.7%
Quilted Northern Bath Tissue 9 mega rolls 20.4%
Scott Bath Tissue 20 rolls 30.2%
Scott Bath Tissue 24 rolls 31.9%
Viva Paper Towel 8 rolls Special Buy
Presto Storage bags 4 varieties 20.3%
Presto Trash bags 30 gallon 20.8%
Presto Sandwich Bags 20.4%
Presto Tall Kitchen bags flex 22.2%
Silk Almond Milk 2 flavors 24.5%
Horizon Organic Milk 2 flavors 28.2%
Patio Burritos 3 flavors
Tai Pei Chicken Fried Rice 49.7%
Luigi Italian Ice 4 flavors 39.8%
Michelinas Frozen entrees 9 varieties 32.3%
Lean Gourmet Chicken entrees 2 varieties 32.3%

New research has shown benefits of chocolate milk for post-workout recovery. It has the perfect balance of protein vs. carbs. Go to, Healthy Living, Healthy Habits to read the full article then pick up a supply of this delicious and nutritious drink during your next Commissary shopping trip.

Have you resolved to eat better? The produce department is the best place for you to shop. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits is one of the best ways to meet your personal goals. If you're going to cook with what you've chosen, try to keep your produce items as close to their raw state as possible. For example, steam your broccoli and add some herbs or spices for flavor (Season-All works nicely) but skip the cheese sauce which adds fat and calories.

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate? ... birthday in your office...dinner with a friend...or you're in the doghouse with your wife and a bouquet of cut flowers and/or BALLOONS would make the occasion (or apology) perfect? Come to the produce department of the Commissary for a beautiful, fresh flower bouquet or the Deli for a balloon bouquet to brighten up the day! We also have a very nice variety of potted plants to green-up your home or office.


ADMINISTRATION: (937) 257-2060/4601
BAKERY: (937) 754-0340 [48 hour notice requested for special orders]
CUSTOMER SERVICE: (937) 257-7474
DELI: (937) 754-0340 [meat, cheese & sandwich trays - 48 hour notice requested]
LOST & FOUND: (937) 257-3916
MEAT DEPARTMENT: (937) 257-2886 [special cuts & orders]
PRODUCE DEPARTMENT: (937) 257-2124 [fruit & veggie trays, fruit baskets - 24 hour notice requested]
RETURNS: (937) 257-2060
SPECIAL ORDERS: (937) 257-7474
STORE MANAGER: (937) 257-3916


Thank you all for your interest and continued support for your commissary benefit.

April Savings

Have you seen our amazing display of pears in the produce department? Pears are not only deliciously sweet and juicy be are very nutritious! They are among the highest fruits in fiber and vitamins. Enjoy good eating with pears. A pear for fitness, a pair for life!
MEAT! Check out our unbelievable price on 93% lean ground beef! We haven't seen a price like this in a LONG time! This week's Manager Special is Choice (New York Strip) Steaks and bone-in pork chops are still on sale. We have a supply of coupons for the Hormel tenderloins that give you an additional $2. Of course, 80% lean ground beef is always a great value at your Commissary. The sale on the tenderloins will end when supplies are depleted so shop now.
Sink your teeth into a great cut of meat! If you have any questions about any cut of meat or how to prepare it, just ask one of our meat professionals. It's what they do best!

Share the gift of groceries with other military families through DeCA gift cards. They are available near the check-out stands in $25 and $50 denominations.

Spring into savings at your commissary!

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