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Fort Bragg South Store Information


Upcoming Holiday Store Hours:

July 4,2017 our commissary hours will be 0800-1700. NO EARLY BIRD.
Please spent this time with your family as we will do the same.

Happy Independence Day!!

Fort Bragg South will be having a Sidewalk Sale on June 29 thru July 1st (Thurs., Fri & Sat) come on out for some great savings while supplies last.

Fort Bragg South will be celebrating DeCA 150 Anniversary on July 1, 2017 at 1100 come out and join for a cake cutting celebration.

NASCAR Event will be at held Fort Bragg South Commissary. NASCAR driver Danica Patrick's will visit to Fort Bragg South store on August 8, 2017, at 1100-1300 for autographs. (Sponsor by Coke Cola).

Attention Patrons:

Private Label - Freedom's Choice and Homebase are here!! Come look for us at our store.

Local Information

Store Hours:
Sunday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2000 Regular Hours
Monday-Saturday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2100 Regular Hours

0730-0900 Early Bird is 15 items or fewer self check out only.

We have Savings in every Department. By Shopping at your Commissary you add dollars to your Family budget. A Family of four saves more than $3,000.00 annually. We have a REWARDS Card that adds to your saving through coupons. You select the coupons that you want from the available list and on your next shopping trip if you buy those items the coupons is applied automatically when you card is swiped "note we do not double or stack coupons.

Nutrition Guide Program

"Dietitian Approved! We did the Work for You!"

The NGP consists of color-coded shelf labels that identify key nutritional attributes for commissary grocery products. The purpose of the NGP is to assist commissary shoppers in their identification and selection of nutritional grocery products found throughout the commissary. The point-of-selection NGP shelf labels will be aligned on shelves with corresponding grocery products that meet particular nutritional guidelines. NGP labeling is designed to assist shoppers by helping them easily identify specific nutritional attributes of grocery products. The NGP color-coded shelf labels assist shoppers in choosing healthy lifestyle food options by making it convenient to identify grocery products with particular nutritional attributes: Low Sodium, Low Fat, Whole Grain, No Sugar Added, Good Source of Fiber, and Organic.

The NGP is based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards which are widely recognized and trusted. All NGP labels for grocery products are based on the food manufacturer's labeling, including the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.

DeCA also worked in collaboration with DoD services branch dieticians to align the program as closely as possible to DoDs Go for Green® nutritional program. Go for Green® has been deployed throughout DoD installations and dining facilities. Products in the commissarys NGP that align closely with the Go for Green® category (High Nutrition Quality/High Performance Food) has a "Thumbs-Up" icon displayed on the NGP label.

The NGP shelf labels are designed to benefit commissary patrons by providing point-of-selection nutritional information. The NGP shelf labels draw attention to more than 600 items on the commissarys grocery sales floor that meets similar Go for Green® criteria for High Nutrition Quality/High Performance Food. These items are identified by NGP labels with the "Thumbs- Up" icon.

Nutrition Guide Program
Patrons requesting further information may also be referred to the Healthy Living page at for Frequently Asked Questions.

Rewards Card

Your Commissary offers a rewards card to add to your savings. Simply select the coupons of the products that you use and add them to your card. Then on your next visit swipe your card and the coupons for the products that you purchased and that you added to your card will automaticly be applied to the purchase.

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