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Fort Bragg South Store Information


Fort Bragg South and North will be operating under normal business hours, Sunday January 8, 2017 0900 -2100.

Upcoming Holiday Store Hours:

Fort Bragg South will be open on Mondays, January 16, 2017 holiday hours of operations are 0800-1600, No Early Bird, on Martin Luther King Day!!

Thank You for Your Patronage!!

Local Information

Store Hours:
Sunday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2000 Regular Hours
Monday-Saturday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2100 Regular Hours

0730-0900 Early Bird is 15 items or fewer self check out only.

We have Savings in every Department. By Shopping at your Commissary you add dollars to your Family budget. A Family of four saves more than $3,000.00 annually. We have a REWARDS Card that adds to your saving through coupons. You select the coupons that you want from the available list and on your next shopping trip if you buy those items the coupons is applied automatically when you card is swiped "note we do not double or stack coupons.


2016-2017 Scholarships for Military Children

The application will be available at the store or from the scholarship web site (www.militaryscholar.org), on December 13, 2016 to the deadline of February 17, 2017. Application must be drop off at the commissary. Applicants have a chance to be selected for a $2000 scholarship award.

Fort Bragg South carry Local products from North Carolina and South Carolina located on aisle 1.

Stop by your Fort Bragg commissary, we now carry the Blue Buffalo Cat and Dog Food.

Rewards Card

Your Commissary offers a rewards card to add to your savings. Simply select the coupons of the products that you use and add them to your card. Then on your next visit swipe your card and the coupons for the products that you purchased and that you added to your card will automaticly be applied to the purchase.


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