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Fort Bragg South Store Information


Fort Bragg South Commissary Hours

Sunday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2000 Regular Hours
Monday-Saturday 0730-0900 Early Bird 0900-2100 Regular Hours

Early Bird is 15 items or fewer self check out only.

We have Savings in every Department. By Shopping at your Commissary you add dollars to your Family budget. A Family of four saves more than $3,000.00 annually. We have a REWARDS Card that adds to your saving through coupons. You select the coupons that you want from the available list and on your next shopping trip if you buy those items the coupons is applied automatically when you card is swiped "note we do not double or stack coupons.

April is the Month of the Military Child as a time to highlight healthy lifestyles. The "5-2-1-0" message is prominent: Eat five fruits and vegetables every day; limit recreational screen time to two hours or less daily; get one hour or more of physical activity every day and avoid all drinks with sugar. Check with your commissary to find out about possible tours highlighting the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables and recipes.

Fort Bragg South carry Local products from North Carolina and South Carolina

Holiday Hours

Fort Bragg South Post Commissary will operate on holiday schedules, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Memorial Day Monday, May 30th 2016. "No Early Bird"

Special Sales and Events

Fort Bragg South Case Lot Sale will be held on June 23rd to 26th, 2016, in the parking lot. We will also have industry to present sample its own Carolina Local Grown products to consumers.

Department Specials:
Place your special order for fruit and vegetable trays located in our Produce Department.

"Remember the Commissary It's Worth the Trip"
We are Proud, We are Committed, We are More!

Rewards Card

Your Commissary offers a rewards card to add to your savings. Simply select the coupons of the products that you use and add them to your card. Then on your next visit swipe your card and the coupons for the products that you purchased and that you added to your card will automaticly be applied to the purchase.

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