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Grafenwoehr Store Information


Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily reduce our deli/bakery hours, due
to a shortage of staff in that department.
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 06:00 pm
Sundays: 11:00 am - 06:00 pm
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We are working vigorously to fill these
positions and return the deli/bakery to its previous schedule.


GPS address information: To find Grafenwoehr installation using your GPS, type in the following address: Neue Amberger Strasse 109, 92655 Grafenwoehr. This will bring you immediately across from Gate 3

Important Phone Numbers:
Customer Service: 09641-83-9405
Deli/Bakery: 09641-83-9409
Grocery: 09641-83-9404
Produce: 09641-83-9412
Store Manager: 09641-83-9403
DSN: 475-XXXX (last 4 numbers)

The store has more than 20,000 ft of sales space with a total of 14 checkouts are available and six of them are self service check out for customers with 20 items or fewer. There are well over 10,000 items available throughout the sales area with varieties of choices. Plenty of parking space and conveniently located next to the Main Exchange.


Why the commissary doesn't "double" coupons
Commissary patrons continually wonder why DeCA doesn't "double" coupons? The answer is simple: Commercial stores operate at a profit by marking up their items. By law, commissaries must sell items at cost $ not for profit. If a shopper redeems a manufacturer's coupon for 25 cents and a commercial store doubles it to 50 cents, the manufacturer pays the store only the value of the coupon, which is 25 cents. The additional 25 cents comes out of the store’s built-in profit margin. Many local stores can double coupons, knowing that while they may lose money on a few items, they make up the difference in their overall markups. DeCA, however, has no such profit margin to make up the difference for a doubled coupon, so commissaries honor only the amount on the coupon that the manufacturer will rebate. For more information about using coupons at your commissary, or to find coupons online, go to DeCA's Web site at:


-Sales Store Checker, GS-2091-03
-Food Service Worker, WG-7408-02
-Store Worker, WG-6914-04
-Store Associate, GS-1101-04

Applicants must have an automated resume on file in order to self-nominate for the vacancies during the open period of the vacancy announcement. The Army Resume Builder enables individuals to prepare an automated resume and submit it to the resume database. Once it is submitted in the database, individuals may begin to self-nominate for those vacancies for which they are interested. The Army Resume Builder also has an ANSWER feature which allows individuals to track the status of their resume and those positions for which they have self-nominated. Access to the Army Resume Builder, the Army Job Application Kit, and Vacancy Announcement is also available at the

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