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ID Card Scanning - Scanning the Department of Defense ID card bar code allows the Defense Commissary Agency to positively identify an individual and verify that he or she is authorized to shop in the commissary. There is a small number of older ID cards without bar codes. A card without bar code cannot be scanned; however, it must still be presented to ascertain positive ID of the cardholder and eligibility for the commissary benefit, which is a DOD requirement.

Expired ID Cards - Customers must present valid ID cards to make their commissary purchases. Unfortunately, those with expired cards will not be allowed to finish their purchases and must make an appointment at a military installation's Pass and ID office to get a new ID card.

Holidays/Special Orders

Holiday Hours:
MCAS Miramar Commissary will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, 2015.
MCAS Miramar Commissary will be CLOSED for Christmas Day, Friday, December 25, 2015.

Special Orders:
MCAS Miramar Commissary Meat Department will be taking orders for Steamboat Round Roast from 20-35lbs for the Holidays.

DeCA's Coupon Policy

* Coupons will be accepted only for items purchased by the customer.

* Coupons will be either scanned or rung up individually.

* "For Free" coupons will be rung up manually; internet coupons cannot be accepted for free products.

* DeCA does not accept or process manufacturer rebate check, refund certificates, or mail-in coupons.

* DeCA does not accept commercial store coupons, such as Lucky's, Food Lion, etc.

* Coupons will not be disbursed to customers at the cash register.

* Coupons will only be accepted as specified on the coupon. If a coupon states a particular type, size, or brand, this coupon cannot be used on a different size or product.

* If the coupon states tha the value is up to, but not to exceed a certain dollar amount and provides a space for the cashier to write in the cost price of the item, the customer will be given credit for only the actual cost of the product.

* DeCA accepts one coupon per item or purchase requirement, as stipulated on the coupon.

** Additional "cent off" coupons cannot be used in conjunction with "buy this, get that free" or "buy item A and get $X off item B" type coupon.

** "Military" or "commissary" coupons cannot be used in conjuntion with a manufacturer coupon.

* Valid coupons will be entered at the value stated on the coupon. If the value of the coupon exceeds the cost of the product, the customer will be given the full value of the coupon unless prohibited by the manufacturer's terms and conditions printed on the coupon, e.g, "No cash back if coupon value exceeds the retail price." Customers will receive any "overage" in the form of commissary gift cards until the remaining balance due is $24.99 or less.

* Coupons may be used for "reduced for quick sale" items.

* Photocopies of any coupon will not be accepted.

* All Coupons must be in English; coupons written in a foreign language with an English translation printed on the coupon are acceptable.

* Coupons identified as counterfeit by DeCA or the Coupon Information Corporation web site ( will not be accepted.

* DeCA may accept Internet coupons.

** They must be an original print in either black and white or color.

** Internet coupons cannot be accepted for free products. Coupons that require the purchase of one or more items to get another for free, such as "Buy One, Get One Free" coupons, are acceptable if they meet all other requirements.

Black Friday Weekend Sale

Come Join Us for Exciting Sales and Fantastic Giveaways!!! Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza Sale from November 27-29, 2015. The sale will be regular store hours of operation.

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