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Buckley AFB Store Information


The Buckley commissary will be operating Holiday hours 9 am to 5 pm on Jan 16 2017 for Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday.

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Buckley AFB Web Page is: www.Buckley.af.mil
Your Commissary is teaming up with the Buckley AFB nutritionist to provide support with recipes, and ideas to help you and your family to healthier meal planning. Come check out our new program Nutrition Guide Program for a healthier life style.

The Buckley AFB Commissary would like to take a quick moment to introduce you to a NEW LINE of Local Products, Charcut Nuvo by Continental Sausage Inc. They have Exotic Sausages like the following: Pheasant & Buffalo, Tommy Knockers Bear Bratwurst, Wild Boar Apricot and Cranberry, Bratwurst Pork & Veal. All items are gluten Free; No MSG and milk Free.

We also carry the best meat selection in town featuring Angus Beef. We offer both Choice and Select grades of beef for your meal planning options.

Watch the attached video from the Honey Smoked Salmon Company that was recently featured at your Buckley Commissary


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Your Buckley Commissary Produce Department is pleased to inform you we have a variety of new items for your shopping pleasure! Items include cut watermelon and cut melon packs, fruit medley packs, fruit and vegetable trays, cut red/green apple packs, pineapple and mango spears. All are ready for your lunch or dinner ideas. Please come out to your commissary and check out our wide selections. Your produce department can have your party trays available for you to pick up with a 24 hour notice. Order yours Today.

For the early morning shopper we have early bird hours from 0700 - 0900 Monday through Saturday. No need to wait in line.

Value Brand Program: We now feature our Value Brand Program; a program highlighting Value Items that are stocked in our commissaries that are competitive and lower in price when compared to the similar store or private label brand items (e.g., similar formulation and size or count) in the commercial sector.

Apply for cashiers, store workers and store associates on www.usajobs.gov

IT'S HERE. Take advantage of these special pre-loaded digital coupons. Don't forget to ask your cashier for your Rewards Card today. Register it at commissaries.com for more savings.

* Gift cards will be issued, in conjunction with cash, for refunds of $25 or more when a receipt is not presented

* Clarification of dot-scan barcode requirements and PIN requirements for unique numbering, that photocopies and counterfeit coupons are not accepted, and that coupons must be printed in English


Buckley Commissary will be offering Gift Cards in $25 and $50 increments and will be redeemable by any commissary authorized shopper. They can be purchased at any full service register or at the cash cage window.

Club packs can save you money, lots of money! Check out our large selection of clubs packs located in Aisle #1.

The Defense Commissary Agency is now “tweeting” on Twitter and posting to Facebook about everything from money-saving events to eating healthier. The agency uses its Twitter page at www.twitter.com/TheCommissary to talk with those who visit the site about the latest cost-saving programs, promotions and events at DeCA’s more than 250 commissaries worldwide; share information unique to those stores; and discuss issues that affect customers and industry partners. Its Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Defense-Commissary-Agency/131694158961?ref=ts will expand DeCA’s online presence. Postings to this page include the latest happenings at commissaries, information on special events and promotions as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

We have 11 cash registers; 1 express lane and 7 self checkout lanes. Our system also has a monitor facing the customer so that you may view your transaction with subtotals as it is being run up. We hope that your shopping experience will be more pleasurable and we thank you for shopping at your Buckley Commissary.


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