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Fort Riley Store Information


2017 Holiday Schedule
Washington Birthday-Monday- February 20- Open 0700 Close 1500

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables delivered daily. Fruit and Vegetable trays are available by special order just call 785-240-0597 and place your order. Fruit Trays need a 48 hrs notice.

Ask your Meat Department for that special cut of your favorite meat cut just the way you want.
Your Meat Department aims to please you on your selection. Watch for the Manager Special!
Great sales at your Meat department where the customer comes first, Buy the best for less.
Need a Special Order just ask a Manager or Call 785-239-2372

The Deli/Bakery
Fresh baked goods, Boar's Head Products, Deli Meat and Cheeses, Cup Cakes, Cookies, Cakes, and Frozen Cakes and Pies. Need a Special Cake for that special occasion, checkout our selections.
Fresh sub sandwiches,and drinks. Come and have your lunch with us.
Sushi Bar is open and has a large variety of items.

Party trays to GO, stop in and order yours today for your special event and parties. Or call 785-240-0437

Special Orders available or call 785-240-0422

Express Line Newsletter
If you would like to subscribe to the Express Line, send an email to: include "Subscribe me to Express Line" in the subject line

Need Money For College

Accepting Applications NOW!
Until February 17, applications from eligible students will be accepted at commissaries worldwide. Children of active duty, reserve/guard or retired military personnel may apply for a scholarship under this pro-gram. All applications must be delivered in person, by mail or other delivery methods (i.e. FedEx or UPS) to the commissary.
Where can I find information regarding the program, the requirements, and the deadlines for submission?
The DeCA website provides a link to scholarship information, which is accessed by selecting the " Scholarship Info " link button on the News page. At a new application is provided in November of each year. Once the scholarship is filled out, you can mail or hand deliver it to your local commissary. Applications may be filled out on-line but cannot be e-mailed. Frequently Asked Questions are provided regarding the scholarship program as well.

Nutrition Guide Program

Nutrition Guide Program (NGP): "Dietitian Approved! We did the Work for You!" is a point of sale information system that calls out key nutrient attributes of store products. NGP, with its color-coded shelf tags, serves as an easy-to-use guide for grocery shopping choices highlighting the nutrition attributes of low sodium, low fat, whole grain, no added sugar and great source of fiber.
The NGP is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture criteria/standards, which are widely recognized and trusted. All NGP tags for manufactured products are based on the food manufacturer's labeling, including the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.
Nutrition Guide Program label. Organic. Whole Grain. Low Fat. Good Source of Fiber.
DeCA worked in collaboration with key DOD agency and service branch health and wellness leads to align the program as closely as possible to the DOD Go for Green and the Marine Corp Fueled to Fight nutrition education programs that are deployed in the dining facilities. Items that align closely with the Green category (high nutrition quality/high performance foods) in Go for Green will have a "Thumbs Up" icon displayed on the NGP label.
NGP is another resource for patrons to use in the commissary to guide them in meeting their health and wellness needs. The NGP specifically draws attention to the vast array of nutrient dense, high quality items that are located in the center of the store, which can be confusing and where most people trip up. There are over 600 items just in the center of the store that meet the criteria for high nutrition quality/high performance food and have the "Thumbs Up" icon.
Use the NGP supporting educational material to build a healthy shopping basket, which is the first step in building a healthy eating pattern that supports readiness and resilience.

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