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A hundred and fifty years ago, on July 1st, 1867, the modern commissary benefit was born. Soldiers of all ranks received the right to purchase goods at every post across the country and in the territories.

And this year, we're celebrating! It's a worldwide party and you're the guest of honor. On Saturday, July 1st, there will be an Anniversary Celebration to honor 150 years of serving the best customers in the world! After 150 years, your commissary benefit continues to enhance your quality of life and we're committed to serving you many more years.

We welcome you to attend the 150th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, July 1, 2017. We will be having a sidewalk sale from 9 am to 4 pm as well as free food/beverage, games for kids of all ages, a bouncy bounce, and promotional events from 10 am to 2 pm.

We'll see you there!

Tuesday, July 4th 9 am to 5 pm

June 25-30 - FIRE SALE - CHOICE BEEF BRISKET (While Supplies Last)


The Thinking Outside the Box meals section of DeCAs web site offers meal solutions for your busy lifestyle and you can feel confident knowing they are healthy and economical. Many of the recipes feature a key nutrient and align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.


The program catch phrase, Dietitian Approved! We Did the Work for You! aptly describes it. Through color-coded shelf tags, customers will find it easy to spot products featuring one or more of five popular nutritional attributes such as low sodium, no-added sugar and high fiber. The labels also highlight organic products.

Military service is all about readiness and resilience, and the foods we eat play a big role in that, said Defense Commissary Agency Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. By highlighting the products with key nutrient attributes our commissary patrons look for, our nutrition guide program makes shopping much more convenient and effective to help service members and their families meet their health and wellness needs.

The NGP is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture criteria and standards, which are widely recognized and trusted, according to Deborah Harris, the DeCA dietitian. All NGP shelf labels for manufactured products are based on the food manufacturers product labeling, to include the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.

Some NGP labels will have a Thumbs Upicon, which means the products align closely with the green category (high nutrition quality/high performance foods) of DODs Go for Green program, Harris said. DeCA collaborated with key DOD agency and service branch health and wellness experts to align NGP with the Go for Green nutrition education program, which uses traffic light colors to identify food choices in military dining facilities.

Customers will find more than 600 Thumbs Up items just in the center of our stores, where you find the unrefrigerated packaged and canned goods, Harris said. More detailed information about the program, including the color code guide and frequently asked questions, are on the commissary website at

Want to save more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card
Introduced just four years ago, the Commissary Rewards Cards popularity with patrons is only growing with more than 1 million active users, according to the Defense Commissary Agency officials. The fact that we passed the 1 million mark in registered users is testament to the popularity of digital coupons, said Marye Dobson, manager of DeCAs Commissary Rewards Card program. We work with our industry partners to provide our patrons with the type of digital coupons they want most. The Commissary Rewards Card goes that extra step and saves patrons even more on top of their commissary benefit. Here are a few quick tips to remember when using your Rewards Card: To get a Rewards Card ask your cashier; register your card at; and clip or download digital coupons to your account (the coupons are automatically loaded when clipped).

A mobile application is available for patrons using the Apple iPhone. This application can be found in the app store on all iPhones and iPads, allowing patrons the ability to access their rewards card account, select coupons and, review clipped, redeemed and expired coupons. Patrons can also check out for Commissary Rewards Card coupons, the commissarys sales flyer and a list of Value Brand items designed to offer savings lower than or equal to commercial stores private label products. Also, the Exclusive Savings link,, has more coupons, specials, promotions, sales and healthy recipes.


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