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So far all the construction has been taking place in the back of the warehouse where you havent been able to see it. That is fixing to change! We are estimating that the week of March 26 contractors will start working in the commissary on a limited basis. The first area under construction, and to be moved, will be the pet food area. Contractors have to wall this area off so they can start putting in drains and electrical wiring for the new chill boxes that will go in there. Completion of this part of the project will take approximately a month. In the mean time we will be moving the Tidy Cat and cat food to make it as part of the wall blocking the construction area. You will still have access to these products straight across from the ice cream. Large dog food will be moved next to the commissary officers office on the wall with the American flag. Bird seed and misc. pet supplies will go down the wall leading to register 6. Canned dog food and the mark down shelf will go in the warehouse where we used to display holiday items. When you shop there you will see our new chill storage unit that was put in. This will help increase your chill selections in the future. This setup is subject to change depending on the needs of the contractor to get the mission done.

We are still working on the new administration office that is behind the scenes at this time. We anticipate moving into the new office the end of April. I will be sending out these letter as construction progresses so you are not caught off guard when you visit us.



Club packs can save you money, lots of money! Check out our large selection of club packs on aisle 1A. You can save $ by buying in bulk.



Please remember that our Baggers are not Commissary employees and work for tips only. They are here to help you bag your groceries and get them to your car. However, you may bag your own groceries at any time. Help the environment by using our reusable green bags.



For the early morning shopper, we have Early Bird Hours from 0700-0900 hours Tuesday through Friday utilizing our self checkouts for your convenience. No need to wait in line - check yourself out. Assistance available.



Don't forget your Commissary Rewards Card. Go to and download coupons to save more money! Just hand your card to the cashier BEFORE your groceries are rung up. Your card will be scanned and your coupons will be automatically deducted off your bill. Commissary Rewards Card users can now download an Android app to access and clip digital coupons. This app joins the previously released iPhone/iPad app.



Nutrition Guide Program (NGP): "Dietitian Approved! We did the Work for You!"

The NGP consists of color-coded shelf labels that identify key nutritional attributes for commissary grocery products. The purpose of the NGP is to assist commissary shoppers in their identification and selection of nutritional grocery products found throughout the commissary. The point-of-selection NGP shelf labels will be aligned on shelves with corresponding grocery products that meet particular nutritional guidelines. NGP labeling is designed to assist shoppers by helping them easily identify specific nutritional attributes of grocery products. The NGP color-coded shelf labels assist shoppers in choosing healthy lifestyle food options by making it convenient to identify grocery products with particular nutritional attributes: Low Sodium, Low Fat, Whole Grain, No Sugar Added, Good Source of Fiber, and Organic.

The NGP is based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards which are widely recognized and trusted. All NGP labels for grocery products are based on the food manufacturer's labeling, including the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.



After being vacant for a long time FE Warren now has a new Grocery Manager - Mr. Michael Durrence. Mr. Durrence came from Kunsan, Korea and is a very welcome addition to our team. Have a question, problem, compliment, complaint about grocery please let him know;, Ph 307-773-3509

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