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The Commissary... It's Worth the Trip

Easter is just a few weeks away. The Grocery Department has a great selection of hams for that Easter family dinner. They are located both in the cooler at the entrance of the store and at the rear of the store near the Meat Department. Also your commissary has the traditional Easter candy available. Get yours now while the selection is good.

The Meat Department is having a sale on baby back ribs. They are now available at 37% off regular price. Just right for that outdoor barbecue! Located in the cooler at the entrance of the store.

2017 Holiday Schedule:

May 29th Memorial Day 0900-1700
July 4th Independence Day 0900-1700
September 4th Labor Day 0900-1700
October 9th Columbus Day 0900-1700
November 10th Veterans Day 0900-1900
November 11th Veterans Day 0900-1700
November 23rd CLOSED
December 25th CLOSED

Easter is coming!

I know...everyone is thinking that this is a month away. But all of us know how time flies. Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Easter candy while we have the best selection available, now prominently displayed near the checkout line.


Breakfast Sandwich

The Deli/ Bakery department has new breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches are served all day long.
-Bacon, egg, and cheese
-Sausage, egg, and cheese
-Ham, egg, and cheese

Department Phone Numbers

Store Director: 913-684-4900
Deputy Store Director: 913-684-4904
Store Manager: 913-684-4902
Secretary: 913-684-4901
Customer Service: 913-684-6962
Meat Department: 913-684-4039
Produce Department:913-684-4040
Grocery Department: 913-684-6963

Rewards Cards

Don't forget your Commissary Rewards Card and download coupons at to save even more! Just hand your card to the cashier
BEFORE your groceries are rung up. Your card will be scanned and your
coupons will be automatically deducted off your bill. Commissary Rewards
Card users can now download an Android app to access and clip digital
coupons. This app joins the previously released iPhone/iPad app.
Early Bird Shopping

What is Early Bird Shopping?
Early bird shopping is Monday thru Friday from 0700-0900 hours. Any
authorized commissary patron can shop during this time. However, during
early bird hours we have limited amount of staff on hand. There's a purchase
limit of 20 items or fewer. Only our self-checkouts are open, we also usually
still have vendors on the floor still stocking. Furthermore, it is important to note that during early bird hours our bakery/deli, meat, & produce departments may not be fully stocked.




Military spouse

Are you a military spouse looking for employment?
If you have the following items, please bring them to the Admin office:
Copy of your soldiers PCS orders bringing them to this installation (orders must be dated less than two years and must either say dependents: yes or spouses name must be on it)
Resume (with at least 9 months work experience, complete address for employment and education, and toand fromdates for employment and education)
Copy of marriage certificate
Completed OF306 Declaration of Federal Employment (this can be found online and sign block 17a)

Having a party?

The Produce Department has all the goodness of fresh fruit and vegetable trays for your parties or special events. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated.
Contact the Meat Department to place your order for special cuts, special orders, cookouts, etc. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated.
The Deli/Bakery has your cakes and pies! You can order that special cake or deli sandwich tray for your special occasion!

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