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The McGuire Commissary will be closed Thanksgiving Day Nov 26 and open at 0900 on Nov 27 for the Black Friday Weekend Sale Nov 27-29

Shop Early
Early Bird Hours start at 07:00-09:00 Mon- Fri 40 items or fewer.
(No Early Bird on Federal Holidays)

Black Friday Weekend Sale Nov 27-29

To create holiday excitement and offer incredible savings, DeCA's first Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza Sale will be held November 27-29 in all CONUS stores, to include Alaska and Hawaii. There will be approximately 100 discounted items for the sale so save the dates and don't miss out.

Check the flyer at
Go to shopping sales-events
Black Friday Weekend Sale
Click on Flyer

November promotions
Commissaries focus on families, veterans, Thanksgiving
By Sallie Cauthers,
DeCA marketing and mass media specialist

FORT LEE, Va.  Military appreciation and November go together like turkey and gravy as commissaries worldwide feature a lineup of great promotions throughout the month, including high-value coupon booklets for free frozen turkeys.
November is National Military Family Appreciation Month and more at commissaries, said Tracie Russ, the Defense Commissary Agencys sales director. Were showing our thanks through commemoration ceremonies that honor our war veterans and also with great values for customers through Veterans Day holiday weekend sales, Black Friday weekend sales and seasonal promotions.
This year were offering not only our annual free frozen turkey offer available worldwide via high-value coupon booklets, but also a fresh turkey special at prices sure to please in stateside commissaries, she added.
Patrons can find out more details about turkeys and other discounted items in their commissary by accessing the sales flyer on the Savings Aisle of
Throughout November, DeCAs industry partners  vendors, suppliers and brokers  are collaborating with stores to offer discounts beyond everyday savings. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Customers are asked to check their local commissary for details on dates and times for the following promotions:
" The Fifth Annual Get Your Turkey Free  When You Buy Holiday Favorites! This worldwide promotion features a 16-page recipe booklet with coupons valued at more than $38. The coupons provide commissary shoppers with greater than normal savings or free turkeys when purchasing their holiday meal essentials using the coupons. Terms and conditions are on the coupons. Vendors include Kraft Foods, Kelloggs, Campbells, Pepperidge Farms, Frito Lay, General Mills, Hefty/Reynolds Wrap, Fresh Express, Nabisco, Proctor & Gamble, Heinz and Johnsonville. Look for these recipe/coupon booklets in your local commissary beginning Nov.1, with coupons good through Dec. 21.
" On Nov. 17, stateside commissaries start featuring fresh turkeys at low prices. The sales flyer on has details.
" Black Friday Weekend Extravaganza Sale! Stateside commissaries will feature rock-bottom sale prices on Black Friday-tagged items Nov. 27-29. Participating brands include: AXE, Folgers, Russell Stover, Nestle, Twining Tea, Dove, Armour, Monster drinks, Suave, Scott, Good Sense, Nongshim Noodles, Lipton Tea, Country Crock, Eight O Clock Coffee, Glad, Yoo-Hoo drinks, Planters, Hawaiian Punch, Rittersport Chocolate, Purina and Hellmans. Go to on Nov. 5 for a list of participating commissaries.
" Celebrate the Holidays with General Mills and its Santa Claus (and your entire family) is coming to town. Time to cook and bake! promotion. This holiday event features high-value in-store coupons and online Commissary Rewards Card discounts.
" Acosta and its participating brand products present the Believe in Heroes! promotion. Commissaries worldwide will receive 300,000 flyers featuring high-value coupons to support this cause promotion for the Wounded Warrior Project Foundation.
The holidays are busy times and we assure customers that your commissary offers all the items you need for your holiday meals, Russ said. Nows the time to stock up!

Commissaries observe Military Family Month
By Rick Brink,
DeCA public affairs specialist

FORT LEE, Va.  National Military Family Month coincides with Thanksgiving, an ideal time when commissary patrons draw on their benefit to show their appreciation and concern for those in the military family.
More than 60 percent of the Defense Commissary Agencys workforce have a connection to the military either by serving themselves or through a family member, so were uniquely attuned to appreciate the stresses military families endure, and were proud to be able to provide the commissary benefit, said Tracie Russ, DeCAs director of sales.
Russ noted some key promotions and services that highlight the commissarys support for military families:
" Commissary gift cards are especially popular this time of year as individuals and organizations buy them to give as gifts to help military service members and their families. Theyre easily purchased in denominations of $25 or $50 at
" DeCA supports healthy families through its Healthy Living Section at, which features timely information and news on family health, nutrition and wellness
" Thanks to DeCAs industry partners, commissaries worldwide feature in-store promotions throughout the month including shopping-spree giveaways, product giveaways and high-value coupons among other things. The Sales & Events section of is a handy resource for customers planning their shopping trips.
Theres a lot more we could list, but whats more important is why we do it, Russ said. Commissaries exist to enhance the quality of life for our military service members and their families and we do that every month of the year. Having a National Military Family Month is a great way we all can pause to take time to recognize the selfless dedication of military families worldwide.

The military has a longstanding tradition of taking care of our own. During the holidays, installation units and organizations can use the commissary benefit to extend the gift of groceries to service members in need or military families overseas. The Commissary Gift Card program allows families at home, friends, our industry partners and charitable organizations to quickly and easily show support or even introduce the commissary benefit to a junior soldier. Units or family support agencies purchasing these cards can ensure that every member of their team gets a chance at a home-cooked meal during the holidays. Read more at

Commissary patrons can save on emergency supplies
National Preparedness Month in September is reinforcing one of the most significant lessons learned from the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina: Make an emergency plan for any crisis. The Defense Commissary Agency is informing its patrons to prepare their survival kits by taking advantage of their benefit. DeCAs severe weather preparedness promotional package is offering various items at reduced prices until Oct. 31. This package includes the following items: beef jerky and other assorted meat snacks, soup and chili mixes, canned goods, powdered milk, cereals, batteries, airtight bags, weather-ready flashlights, tape (all-weather, heavy-duty shipping and duct), first-aid kits, lighters, matches, lanterns, candles, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Promotional items may vary by location. For more about National Preparedness Month, go to and Also, check out DeCAs Disaster Preparedness page at, the Centers for Disease Control,; and the Red Cross,

Commissaries stay vigilant in tracking food recalls
September is Food Safety Month, and commissary patrons can rest assured yearlong that their store has a team of dedicated professionals protecting the safety of their groceries, said Army Col. Michael A. Buley, director of the Defense Commissary Agencys public health and safety directorate. Once a recall alert goes out, we quickly close the loop with our stores to ensure any recalled products are promptly removed from the sales floor, Buley said. We are part of a food safety network, a wall if you will, that stands guard against various foodborne illnesses, undeclared allergens and substances and processing defects. For current food safety notices access the following link on the DeCA website, For safe food handling guidelines go to

Commissary Value Brands grow to nearly 500 items
Six months into the start of the Commissary Value Brands program, patrons now have nearly 500 products available at savings comparable to low-cost private label items in commercial stores. Since the emergence of the Value Brands signature orange label in December, the Defense Commissary Agency has elevated the savings program from about 100 products in 33 categories to almost 500 items in 54 categories. The Value Brands lineup includes beverages such as coffee, soft drinks and juices; dairy products like several cheeses, butter, canned and powdered milk; lunch meats, canned tuna and salmon; canned and frozen vegetables; canned fruit and soup; hot and cold cereals; bread; dry pasta and rice; pizza and entrees; peanut butter, jelly, honey and condiments; ice cream; cleaning supplies, disposable bags, laundry bleach and paper towels; pet foods; batteries; health and beauty care and more. DeCAs criteria for Value Brands is simple: DeCAs prices are guaranteed to be consistently equal to or lower than comparable store brand and private label products downtown. Read more:

Military commissaries date back to the 1860s:
Fact. Although DeCA was formed in 1991, the modern era of sales commissaries actually began in 1867. It was then that enlisted men received the same at-cost purchasing privileges officers had already enjoyed for four decades. From the start, commissaries were meant to allow the Army to "care for its own." The stores provided wholesome food beyond official rations, and the savings supplemented military pay.

Baggers are commissary employees:
Fiction. Baggers are not commissary employees, and are paid solely by tips from commissary patrons in exchange for bagging and carryout services. Baggers are self-employed and work under a license agreement with an installation commander.

"Doing your homework can pay off at the cash register," Allison said. "If you want to save more, boost your commissary knowledge. Tune in to DeCA's social media sites, and check the commissary website for the current sales flyer, ongoing promotions, the lineup of Commissary Value Brands, and available digital coupons for your Commissary Rewards Card.

"It's your benefit," he added. "Take the time to understand it and use it."

While shopping in the commissary please come and visit the Deli and order your cakes, meat trays and sushi trays.

We have Fruit and Veggie Trays available in the Produce Dept.

The McGuire AFB Commissary has 16 regular registers, 8 self checkout registers which 4 of them are for 15 items or fewer and 4 are carousel styles which are 16-25 items or fewer.

The McGuire Commissary Deli/Bakery Dept is selling Rotisserie Chickens and a variety of chicken wings, so come on out and enjoy some of our juicy, well seasoned and affordable rotisserie products.

McGuire AFB Commissary is offering gift cards. These vouchers are available in $25 denominations. Anyone may acquire gift cards; however, only commissary authorized patrons may redeem them. Cards are available at commissary customer service areas, cash offices and from cashiers at full-service checkout lanes. There is no limit on the number of vouchers someone can purchase. But for large purchases of more than $1,000 in gift cards at a time, you must notify the store at least one week in advance. This allows commissaries to maintain enough gift cards for other customers. No additional fees will be added to the cost of purchasing or redeeming the gift cards.

*Guard and Reserve Members now enjoy Unlimited Commissary Privileges!
*Only need military or dependent ID card
*Accept credit/debit cards
*No tax, 5% surcharge used to build or renovate commissaries
*Now you can drop by for a quick lunch from our Grab-N-Go lunch section
*If you live far away, load up on non-perishables after drill--open Friday and Saturday until 2000 and Sunday until 1900.
*May bring guests but they may not make purchases
*Coupons, WIC, and Food Stamps, EBT accepted

Club Pack
Don't forget your commissary carries a variety of club pack items in aisle 6 & 7 for your convenience. Buy larger sizes and save.

Commissaries announce coupon policy changes

Effective May 1, 2012 the Defense Commissary Agency has changed how its stores handle coupons and product returns without receipts, among other things, as the agency enacts customer service policy changes to protect the commissary benefit. The average coupon user might not notice the policy changes because they are aimed at preventing possible misuse of the commissary benefit  primarily using coupons to get large amounts of cash back, said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. Commissary shoppers are big users of coupons, as evidenced by DeCAs consistent ranking among the top 10 grocery retailers in coupon redemptions over the past several years. Commissaries welcome coupon usage, and to acquaint customers with the changes in the coupon acceptance policy, it has been posted on the agencys website at and on Facebook at

Commissary Rewards Card observes first anniversary with mobile app
On Aug. 8 the Defense Commissary Agency will observe the first anniversary of the Commissary Rewards Card. To coincide with this milestone, a mobile application will be available for patrons using the Apple iPhone. This mobile application can be found in the app store on all iPhones and iPads, allowing patrons the ability to access their rewards card account, select coupons and, review clipped, redeemed and expired coupons. The application also allows patrons to locate commissaries and obtain specific store information such as phone number and address. An Android app is planned for fiscal year 2014. Card users will also see options to receive alerts based on their purchases, reminders of clipped coupons awaiting redemption or expiration, and notices when new coupons are available.

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