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McGuire AFB Store Information


The McGuire Commissary Holiday operating hours;
Labor Day Sept 4 1000-1800
Shop Early
Early Bird Hours start at 07:00-09:00 Mon- Fri 40 items or fewer.
(No Early Bird on Federal Holidays)


The Del Monte Pallet Promotion Sale will donate up to $50,000 to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which supports spouses and children of American military service members who died in uniform. Throughout July, in commissaries worldwide, the sale will offer special coupons and gift card giveaways.

" Kelloggs Despicable Me 3 movie launch promotion! To celebrate the commissaries 150th anniversary and the Despicable Me 3 movie, this worldwide promotion with product demonstrations and high-value coupons will run from June 19 to July 16 with chances to win $150 in commissary gift cards. Look for participating name brands and mass displays promoting Cheez-It Crackers, Club Crackers, Keebler Chips Deluxe cookies, Pringles and Eggo waffles.

" The Patriot Perks Program says thank you to the families of our military members and their families by rewarding them for shopping at their commissary. July 1 - 16, in recognition of the commissaries 150th anniversary, patrons could win commissary shopping sprees with a grand prize of a year of free groceries at your commissary. This program will feature product displays with Patriot Perks signage in all commissaries worldwide. Visit or look for displays in your local commissary to enter.

" Procter & Gamble and Smuckers thanks commissaries for 150 years of service by offering a Summer Celebration BBQ for winning military installations. Grand prize winners will receive a family barbecue for the entire military community. Everything offered at this event is complimentary to all military families. Each barbecue will have a celebrity chef host, entertainment, catered food and drinks, games and prizes. A Smuckers Ice Cream Social booth will offer the opportunity to build your own sundae. There will also be booths set up to educate patrons on the benefits of the commissary, how to sign up for a commissary rewards card, and more. Additionally, there will be samples, coupons and recipe cards from some of the name brand products at the event. Check your commissary for program details July 1730. This program is offered stateside only.

" Eckrich and Nathans Ambassadors are traveling to participating commissaries stateside to hand out free samples of Eckrich Smoked Sausage, Nathans Beef Franks, high-value coupons and more. Patrons can enter for a chance to win commissary gift cards. During July, the ambassadors will travel to following locations in Virginia: Fort Belvoir, Fort Myer, Bolling Commissary at Joint Base Andrews-Bolling, Marine Corps Base Quantico, Langley Air Force Base, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, Naval Station Norfolk, and Norfolk Naval Shipyards Scott Annex. Check times and dates at these locations.

" Kraft Heinz Feed Your Family, Feed the World Summer Grilling Promotion. July 17-30, Kraft Heinz Company will be donating up to 20,000 meals a day to Rise Against Hunger during this promotion. There will also be $5 or $3 coupon deals on the following brands: Heinz ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce; Kraft Natural cheese, Kraft singles, Kraft salad dressings, Mayo and barbecue sauce; Oscar Mayer bacon, hot dogs, and cold cuts; and Country Time/Kool-Aid powdered soft drinks. This is a stateside promotion only.

" Sixth Annual Gold Bond Summer Savings Event. From July 3 to 16, this stateside promotion encourages customers to play ball to become eligible to win free Gold Bond products. After making a free throw, customers are encouraged to take a selfie with the basketball and email their pictures to for a chance to win. The winner will receive a years supply of Gold Bond products and a prize pack. See your local commissary for details.

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of commissaries, we also want our patrons to remember to use their benefit as they prepare to enjoy their outdoor cookouts, Russ said. Commissaries are featuring great savings on fresh produce and meats. Look for specials on all melons, corn on the cob, cherries, and ripe tomatoes.

Our prices are also the best in town on fresh beef, she added. Your commissary is your destination for steaks and ground beef. Cant find what you want? Ask your meat manager to cut it for you.

Well see you there!

Commissary store brand names unveiled
The Defense Commissary Agency has chosen the names Freedoms Choice" and HomeBase" for its private label product assortment. Private label, also known as store brands, will begin appearing on commissary shelves toward the end of May. Commissary patrons have been telling us for quite some time that they want to take advantage of the value offered by store brands, but commissaries have not had their own brand until now, said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. Freedoms Choice will be the commissary brand name for food items and HomeBase for nonfood items such as paper products and other household items. Our private label products will also be equal or lower in price to commercial grocery store brands, he added. For more on DeCAs store brand program, go to

Nutrition guide program helps patrons meet health, wellness needs
Since January, patrons worldwide have seen color-coded shelf tags in their commissaries, spotlighting products featuring one or more of five popular nutritional attributes such as low sodium, no-added sugar and high fiber. The labels also highlight organic products. Military service is all about readiness and resilience, and the foods we eat play a big role in that, said Defense Commissary Agency Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. By highlighting the products with key nutrient attributes our commissary patrons look for, our nutrition guide program makes shopping much more convenient and effective to help service members and their families meet their health and wellness needs. The NGP is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture criteria and standards. DeCA collaborated with key DOD agency and service branch health and wellness experts to align NGP with the Go for Green nutrition education program, which uses traffic light colors to identify food choices in military dining facilities. For more information, click on
Commissaries go green every day

The Defense Commissary Agency is always working diligently to reduce its environmental footprint through recycling, food donations, and offering shoppers environmentally friendly products. In 2015, DeCA stores recycled almost 1,920 tons of plastic, more than 60,000 tons of cardboard and over 108 tons of paper. It has also composted or repurposed almost 6 million pounds of organic material, recycled over 5 million pounds of pallets and another 3 million pounds of things like fats, bones, kitchen grease, metal and wood. DeCA makes it easy for its patrons to get involved with green purchasing. They can purchase reusable shopping bags, organically grown fruits and vegetables, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, high-efficiency laundry products, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and products with reduced packaging like paper towels and bathroom tissue without the cardboard tubes. For more, go to

Military commissaries date back to the 1860s:
Fact. Although DeCA was formed in 1991, the modern era of sales commissaries actually began in 1867. It was then that enlisted men received the same at-cost purchasing privileges officers had already enjoyed for four decades. From the start, commissaries were meant to allow the Army to "care for its own." The stores provided wholesome food beyond official rations, and the savings supplemented military pay.

Baggers are commissary employees:
Fiction. Baggers are not commissary employees, and are paid solely by tips from commissary patrons in exchange for bagging and carryout services. Baggers are self-employed and work under a license agreement with an installation commander.

While shopping in the commissary please come and visit the Deli and order your cakes, meat trays and sushi trays.

We have Fruit and Veggie Trays available in the Produce Dept.

The McGuire AFB Commissary has 16 regular registers, 8 self checkout registers which 4 of them are for 15 items or fewer and 4 are carousel styles which are 40 items or fewer.

The McGuire Commissary Deli/Bakery Dept is selling Rotisserie Chickens and a variety of chicken wings, so come on out and enjoy some of our juicy, well seasoned and affordable rotisserie products.

McGuire AFB Commissary is offering gift cards. These vouchers are available in $25 denominations. Anyone may acquire gift cards; however, only commissary authorized patrons may redeem them. Cards are available at commissary customer service areas, cash offices and from cashiers at full-service checkout lanes. There is no limit on the number of vouchers someone can purchase. But for large purchases of more than $1,000 in gift cards at a time, you must notify the store at least one week in advance. This allows commissaries to maintain enough gift cards for other customers. No additional fees will be added to the cost of purchasing or redeeming the gift cards.

*Guard and Reserve Members now enjoy Unlimited Commissary Privileges!
*Only need military or dependent ID card
*Accept credit/debit cards
*No tax, 5% surcharge used to build or renovate commissaries
*Now you can drop by for a quick lunch from our Grab-N-Go lunch section
*If you live far away, load up on non-perishables after drill--open Friday and Saturday until 2000 and Sunday until 1900.
*May bring guests but they may not make purchases
*Coupons, WIC, and Food Stamps, EBT accepted

Club Pack
Don't forget your commissary carries a variety of club pack items in aisle 6 & 7 for your convenience. Buy larger sizes and save.

Store News

Commissaries announce coupon policy changes

Effective May 1, 2012 the Defense Commissary Agency has changed how its stores handle coupons and product returns without receipts, among other things, as the agency enacts customer service policy changes to protect the commissary benefit. The average coupon user might not notice the policy changes because they are aimed at preventing possible misuse of the commissary benefit  primarily using coupons to get large amounts of cash back, said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. Commissary shoppers are big users of coupons, as evidenced by DeCAs consistent ranking among the top 10 grocery retailers in coupon redemptions over the past several years. Commissaries welcome coupon usage, and to acquaint customers with the changes in the coupon acceptance policy, it has been posted on the agencys website at and on Facebook at

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