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Vendors in stateside commissaries will offer expanded discounts on 120 name-brand products during DeCAs first ever Black Friday sales Nov. 27-29. These sales will be in addition to savings on current sales packages, said Tracie Russ, the Defense Commissary Agencys director of sales.

There will be free giveaways and high-value coupons available throughout the stores bringing prices down to levels we havent seen in years, Russ said.

Some of the items expected to be discounted under the Black Friday tag include certain health and beauty products, coffee, tea, candy, nuts, juices, pet food, noodles, lunch meat, mayonnaise, energy drinks and paper products.

Monday, November 23, OPEN 0900 - 1700
Tuesday, November 24, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Wednesday, November 25, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, CLOSED
Friday, November 27, 0900 - 1900
Saturday, November 28, OPEN 0900 - 1900

Monday, December 21, OPEN 0900 - 1700
Tuesday, December 22, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Wednesday, December 23, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Thursday, December 24, OPEN 0900 - 1600
Friday, Christmas Day, CLOSED
Saturday, December 26, OPEN 0900 - 1900

Monday, December 28, CLOSED
Tuesday, December 29, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Wednesday, December 30, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Thursday, December 31, OPEN 0900 - 1900
Friday, New Year's Day, CLOSED
Saturday, January 2, OPEN 0900 - 1900

Commissary Value Brand returns for more savings
In response to growing patron demand for products comparable to the low-cost private label items sold in civilian stores, the Defense Commissary Agency is re-energizing an old friend known as Commissary Value Brand. The renewed program offers consistent, quality, everyday low-cost pricing on name-brand products equal to or better than private label items in commercial stores. Since December, commissaries worldwide are highlighting about 300 Value Brand products in 33 categories such as frozen vegetables, pizza and entrees; pet foods; health and beauty care; cereals; cleaning supplies; soft drinks; coffee; canned fruit, soup and fish; disposable lunch and storage bags; condiments and more. Commissary patrons looking for Commissary Value Brand items will see orange Value tags. Shoppers can go to for a list of brand items, FAQs and a video of the program.

Visit to learn more about the Defense Commissary Agency: Check out the latest news, find a store near you, see whats on sale, create a shopping list, learn of food and product recalls, scan employment opportunities, read frequently asked questions, submit a customer comment form online through DeCAs Your Action Line and more. Customers can also access the DeCA website to opt in for DeCAs electronic newsletters, Commissary Connection and the Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales Schedule. All thats needed is an email address.

Commissary Connection:

Anyone interested in employment at the Fort Drum commissary may apply at Vacancy ID number for DeCA-15-1315681-DE Sales Store Checker, GS-2091-03 and DeCA-15-1315686-DE Store Worker, WG-6914-04

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