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Fort Belvoir Store Information



Labor Day - OPEN
Monday, 5 Sep 2016

All other days are normal operating hours unless otherwise noted...

September Case Lot Sale

Dates & Time:

Thursday, 15 Sep from 9am to 7pm
Friday, 16 Sep from 9am to 7pm
Saturday, 17 Sep from 8am to 6pm


Department Telephone Numbers:

Customer Service Desk 703-781-0536/806-6674
Store Manager 703-806-5853/5253/6674
Grocery Manager 703-806-5138/6674
Asst. Grocery Manager 703-806-5138/6674
Meat Department Manager 703-806-6372/6679/6674
Produce Department Manager 703-806-5376/6674
Customer Service Manager 703-806-6377/6674 or 703-781-0563
Seafood Manager 703-806-6680/6674
Deli/Bakery Manager 703-806-6628/6674
Management Support Clerk 703-806-5596/5375/6027
Warehouse receiving 703-806-5378/6676
Supply Technician 703-806-5018
Admin Office 703-806-6371/6674


Bulk Order/Shipment

Bulk order service for semi-perishable product is provided to commissary customers in route to or currently serving in remote locations. Bulk order worksheets are available at the Fort Belvoir Commissary customer service window or by email. Because things change such as order/delivery cycles and security measures it’s recommended that the person arranging the shipment talks with the on duty manager before starting the bulk order process. Commissary personnel will only order full case quantities of product.

Customer Responsibilities:

1. Fill out the bulk order form with the complete Universal Product Code (UPC) and number of cases required. The case pack is located on the upper left of the price tag.
2. Provide name, contact information etc.
3. Shop for less than full cases, items can be stored in our secure storage room.
4. Pay for the entire shipment (full case and loose items) 1- 2 days before shipment day. Please plan ahead, the checkout process takes on average 30-45 minutes.
5. The sponsor or their agent must be present when movers pack and pick up shipment (just like when you ship or store your household goods).
6. The moving company is responsible for providing all packing services i.e. boxes, inventorying your boxes, tape, labels etc.
7. Movers should arrive and be completed with packing operations before 1800 hours Sunday-Saturday.
8. Prices are effective at time of purchase and the use of coupons is encouraged.
9. To receive close to 100% of your order a 10 days lead-time (order-to pickup) is highly recommended.
10. Contact Mr. Song or Mr. Looney by phone or email below to receive electronic form or fax.

POC: Keith Burks, 703.806.5138/6674 – email: keith.burks@deca.mil
POC: John Looney, 703.806.5138/6674 – email: john.looney@deca.mil

Thank you for allowing the Fort Belvoir commissary the opportunity to serve you and your family.


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