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Mayport NS Store Information


The Scholarship for Military Children Program will be accepting applications from eligible students beginning December 15 and applications must be hand-delivered or shipped via U.S. Postal Service or other delivery methods to the commissary by the close of business Friday, February 12, 2016. Applications cannot be emailed or faxed. For more information students or sponsors can visit www.militaryscholar.org, or call Scholarship Managers at 856-616-9311 or email them at militaryscholar@scholarshipmanagers.com.

The Express Line Newsletter has been added to our webpage for your convenience. It is located to the right under Store Information. The link will be changed monthly.

COMPLIMENTARY FROM MILLSTONE: Enjoy a free cup of coffee while you shop at your Mayport Commissary - Coffee Time Ends at 1100.

Our vendors will be offering big savings with smaller, more frequent sales events and in-store promotions. These new sales are less costly for the commissary, but still provide you with extra savings in your pocket. Check back here often for information about additional planned events.

"Having a Party or Special Event"

Fruit and vegatable trays are available for your special event or special someone. Produce has all the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables for your parties, dinners and resolutions. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated. Call 904-249-7524 ext 3217

Contact the Meat Department and place your meat order for that that special dinner, cookouts etc. A 24-hr notice is greatly appreciated (depending on your needs, more notification may be required). Please call 904-249-7524 ext 3215. **Special order a whole pig for that really special occasion! Please give us a week's notice.

The Bakery can make that special cake, cupcakes and pastries for your special occasions. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated. Please call 904-249-7524 ext 3204.

The Deli Department can have your Party Trays (Meat & Cheese) available for you to pick up with a 24-hour notice. Special Order your Party Tray Today! Call 904-249-7524 ext 3204.

Call the Sushi Department for your sushi needs. Fresh sushi trays are made on a daily basis. Call 904-249-7524 ext 3204 for any special requests. A 24-hour notification is appreciated.

Stop in and check it out, 8ft of new items in our Grocery Department.

"Commissaries are now offering Gift Cards"

The Defense Commissary Agency is offering Gift Cards at your Mayport Commissary. These cards are available in $25 and $50 denominations. Anyone may acquire gift cards; For more information visit us at www.commissaries


Value Brands are store items that have been determined to deliver value beyond the savings already offered at your Commissary. These items are identified with an orange Value Brand sign and are available to shop and save now. Full roll out of the program was completed in December. The average savings for Commissary Value Brand items will be about 25 percent when compared to the store brand and with private label items in commercial retail stores. Value Brands is the DeCA way to bring savings comparable to the Store Brand offered at retail stores. Come and look for the special orange way to save at your Commissary.


Visitors are allowed to enter the commissary when accompanied by the sponsor/authorized commissary patron. You and your guest will need to present a military and or photo ID at the entrance. However, guest will not be allowed to shop, but it's worth the privilege to have your friends see what great benefits you have from protecting our country's freedom. ONLY THE AUTHORIZED PURCHASER MAY BUY, so to protect your benefit, I.D. check will be verified at the cash register, so please help us to protect your number one non-paid military benefit.


Buy Club Packs for Large Items at Large Savings...

Commissary shoppers are discovering the benefits of "club packs" in increasing numbers. Commissaries began selling popular products in bulk three years ago, sales have gained momentum ever since. Club packs allow customers to stock up on products they need all the time - things like canned goods, paper products, and cleaning supplies - and save money in the process. A majority of commissaries sell at least some of the club packs, even overseas stores; and variety is determined by store size and customer need. Club pack selection includes the most popular products people want to buy with top sellers including water, toilet paper, paper towels, and sanitizing wipes.

Commissaries.com: The official online resource of the Defense Commissary Agency (DECA) / 1300 E. AVE., FORT LEE, VA 23801-1800


Commissaries.com: The official online resource of the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) | 1300 E Ave., Fort Lee, VA 23801–1800