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SITE SALE Marietta Georgia

April 20-22, 2017
May 18-20, 2017
June 15-17, 2017
July 20-22, 2017

Thursday 0900-1700
Friday 0900-1700
Saturday 0900-1600

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming sale in Marietta.

If we can answer any of your questions, please call Kimberly A Graham at 478-222-7618 or Susan Edmonds at 478-926-3714.

I-75 North - take the Windy Hill Exit (# 260) and turn left onto Windy Hill Road. Drive approximately 1 mile. Then turn Right onto Cobb Parkway. Approximately 1/4 mile there will be a shopping Plaza on the Right (the Marietta Plaza). We will be located between the Burlington Coat Factory and the Wig Shop.
1901 Terrell Mill Rd.
Suit 200
Marietta, GA 30067

ProCamps to bring football stars to over 2,000 military youth this year

As the son of a career Navy officer, Alejandro Villanueva grew up on military bases worldwide, playing football and basketball among other sports.
Thats why today, as an offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Villanueva said he embraces his participation with youth football ProCamps as a way of giving back to a community he cherishes. This marks the fifth year P&G has run the NFL military ProCamps program at installations worldwide.
Last year I did a camp at [Joint Expeditionary Base] Little Creek, Virginia, and that was a really cool experience, said Villanueva, who served three tours to Afghanistan as an Army Ranger and is currently a captain in the Army Reserves. In doing a camp for military kids I immediately saw the connection because I grew up on a military installation as well.
From March 27 to April 15, select commissaries worldwide will compete for a chance to be eligible to win one of the many NFL ProCamps for their installation. Winning installations will host a free, two-day football camp for up to 150 children in first through eighth grade, both boys and girls, of active duty military, reservists, retirees and DOD civilian employees.
Campers will learn from and play with NFL players like Villanueva, Andre Roberts (Atlanta Falcons), Jonathan Stewart (Carolina Panthers), Graham Gano (Carolina Panthers), Steve Smith Sr. (former Baltimore Ravens) and LeGarrette Blount (New England Patriots) among many others.
ProCamps events are awarded based on an installations commissary sales of designated Procter & Gamble products like Tide, Charmin, Head & Shoulders, Crest and Pampers, and customer votes online and through mobile texting. Patrons will see mass displays in participating commissaries.
ProCamps is part of P&Gs Start Strong/Stay Strong cause platform; it will also tie into DeCAs Month of the Military Child promotion, said Sallie Cauthers DeCAs marketing and mass media specialist.
Service members and their families receive additional benefits from commissary shopping thanks to our industry partners, who provide millions of dollars annually in giveaways and promotional events such as ProCamps, Cauthers said. Through this event, our patrons get quality products at significant savings, while their children learn football fundamentals from some dynamic pro players.
ProCamps manages and operates sports camps around the world led by professional athletes. These camps take place on military bases and teach the fundamentals of football, teamwork and how to make new friends, said Molly Fanning of ProCamps.
This year we will be hosting camps across the United States, in Germany for the Kaiserslautern Military community and then in the Far East, Fanning said. To date we have executed more than 40 camps for military youth and are excited to continue to support military families through this program.
The ProCamps program allows us to celebrate and honor heroic, resilient and courageous military youth and their families while enabling us to partner with the commissary to execute on their mission of bringing the military community together, she added. This program helps promote living a healthy and active lifestyle which is important to all parties supporting this program. The commissary is truly the heart of the community and so much more than a grocery store.


The Thinking Outside the Box meals section of DeCAs web site offers meal solutions for your busy lifestyle and you can feel confident knowing they are healthy and economical.
Many of the recipes feature a key nutrient and align with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The program catch phrase, Dietitian Approved! We Did the Work for You! aptly describes it. Through color-coded shelf tags, customers will find it easy to spot products featuring one or more of five popular nutritional attributes such as low sodium, no-added sugar and high fiber. The labels also highlight organic products.
Military service is all about readiness and resilience, and the foods we eat play a big role in that, said Defense Commissary Agency Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. By highlighting the products with key nutrient attributes our commissary patrons look for, our nutrition guide program makes shopping much more convenient and effective to help service members and their families meet their health and wellness needs.
The NGP is based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture criteria and standards, which are widely recognized and trusted, according to Deborah Harris, the DeCA dietitian. All NGP shelf labels for manufactured products are based on the food manufacturers product labeling, to include the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.

Some NGP labels will have a Thumbs Up icon, which means the products align closely with the green category (high nutrition quality/high performance foods) of DODs Go for Green program, Harris said. DeCA collaborated with key DOD agency and service branch health and wellness experts to align NGP with the Go for Green nutrition education program, which uses traffic light colors to identify food choices in military dining facilities.
Customers will find more than 600 Thumbs Up items just in the center of our stores, where you find the unrefrigerated packaged and canned goods, Harris said.
More detailed information about the program, including the color code guide and frequently asked questions, are on the commissary website at

The phrase Dietitian approved!

We did the work for you! is catching on at commissaries around the world as customers are using the Defense Commissary Agencys new Nutrition Guide Program to help them shop.
Its catching on quickly! Here we are in March, National Nutrition Month, and our customers are readily adapting to NGP, which was just introduced in January, said Deborah Harris, DeCA dietitian. That speaks to how easy it is to use, and how important nutrition is to our customers, especially since a big part of military service is readiness and resilience.
One reason for NGPs success is because commissary store directors, dietitians and other health professionals on military installations have helped raise local awareness of the program, some with commissary shopping tours, Harris said.
Dietitians and health professionals are quick to point out that no one diet is right for everyone. Its important to follow a healthful eating plan that fits each persons unique lifestyle. So what does NGP do?
It helps you meet your health and wellness needs and guides you in building a nutritious shopping cart, Harris said.
The color-coded shelf labels point out items with key nutrient attributes. The labels make shopping easier. Theres dark blue for low sodium, brown for whole grain, purple for no sugar added, light blue for low fat, golden yellow for good source of fiber. There is also green for the lifestyle choice of USDA certified organic. Many items have a combination of qualifying attributes.
Then theres the Thumbs Up icon. Labels that also feature a Thumbs Up icon identify more nutrient dense items, so-called high nutrition quality/high performance foods and align closely with the DODs Go for Green program. Details of the Nutrition Guide Program are available at
Were off to a great start, and its good to know that long after National Nutrition Month is over, our Nutrition Guide Program will continue to help patrons improve the nutritional quality of their diets, and meet their health and wellness needs Harris said.


Want to save more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card
Introduced just four years ago, the Commissary Rewards Cards popularity with patrons is only growing with more than 1 million active users, according to the Defense Commissary Agency officials.
The fact that we passed the 1 million mark in registered users is testament to the popularity of digital coupons, said Marye Dobson, manager of DeCAs Commissary Rewards Card program. We work with our industry partners to provide our patrons with the type of digital coupons they want most. The Commissary Rewards Card goes that extra step and saves patrons even more on top of their commissary benefit. Here are a few quick tips to remember when using your Rewards Card: To get a Rewards Card ask your cashier; register your card at; and clip or download digital coupons to your account (the coupons are automatically loaded when clipped).


A mobile application is available for patrons using the Apple iPhone. This application can be found in the app store on all iPhones and iPads, allowing patrons the ability to access their rewards card account, select coupons and, review clipped, redeemed and expired coupons.
Patrons can also check out for Commissary Rewards Card coupons, the commissarys sales flyer and a list of Value Brand items designed to offer savings lower than or equal to commercial stores private label products. Also, the Exclusive Savings link,, has more coupons, specials, promotions, sales and healthy recipes.
Shoppers can also check whats on the end of the aisle for themed items with extra low pricing 

COMPLIMENTARY FROM OVERSEAS CO.: Enjoy a free cup of coffee while you shop at your Robins AFB Commissary - Coffee Time 0900-1130.

MRE's: We carry MRE's as a regular stock item, located on aisle 10 next to the charcoal.

"Having a Party or Special Event"

Fruit baskets are available for your special event or for that special someone. Produce has all the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables for your parties or dinners. Let them make your fruit and vegetable trays for your holiday meals and parties. A 24-hour notice is required. Call 478-222-7632.

Contact the Meat Department and place your meat order for that special dinner, cookouts/ etc. A 24-hr notice is greatly appreciated (depending on your needs, more notification may be required). Please call 478-222-7634. **Special order a whole pig for that really special occasion! We need 14 days to order. We can get two sizes whole small 20-35LBS and whole large 30-70lbs.

The Bakery can make that special cake, cupcakes and pastries, for your special occasions. They can create muffin, cupcake,and cookies\trays for your next party. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated. Please call 478-222-7663.

The Deli Department can have your Party Trays (Meat & Cheese) available for you to pick up within 24-hour notice. Special Order your Party Tray Today!. They also make sandwich trays. Call 478-222-7663.

Call the Sushi Department for your sushi needs. Fresh sushi trays are made on a daily basis. Call 478-222-7663 for any special requests. A 24-hour notification is appreciated.


Visitors are allowed to enter the commissary when accompanied by the sponsor/authorized commissary patron. Your guest/visitor will not be allowed to shop, but it's worth the privilege to have your friends see what great benefits you have for protecting our country's freedom. ONLY THE AUTHORIZED PURCHASER MAY BUY, so to protect your benefit, I.D. check will be verified at the cash register. Please help us to protect your number one non-paid military benefit.

If you would like to be placed on our email contact list to receive periodic information on events happening at your Robins AFB Commissary, please email us at: and type 'Subscribe-Robins' in the Subject line. For Marietta in subject line put 'Subscribe-Marietta". We will promptly add you to our contact list. We will send you notices of up-coming Sales, and send you the monthly Commissary News Letter. For Marietta we will send the shopping list and other information.

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The Robins Commissary will not be hold a May Case Lot Sale this year, instead we will be hosting weekend Sidewalk Sales. Come in check out your savings.....
The first one is
April 20-22
April 27-29
May 11-13
May 18-20


CEO Saying good bye

Defense Commissary Agency Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu announced today that he will retire June 3 after more than 38 years of federal service. Jeu has served as DeCAs director since January 2011.
Over the course of his six and a half years as DeCA director, Jeu has guided the agency through an enormous and challenging transformation; set an aggressive strategic direction to ensure the relevance of the commissary benefit for generations to come; and provided direction and oversight for the modernization of DeCAs supply chain management systems.
His plan for transforming the commissary business model set in motion actions to transition the commissary benefit from an at cost benefit to a variable-price business model, intended to preserve the future of the benefit while reducing the agencys reliance on appropriated funds.
Under his direction, the agency also acquired, developed and began deploying its Enterprise Business Solution (EBS), one of the most impactful business initiatives the agency had ever undertaken, which would modernize DeCAs legacy business systems and revitalize the way it does business.
In announcing his retirement, Jeu noted, The transformation is well on its way and the right people are in place to see it through. Its time for me to leave it in their capable hands.

Robins Commissary would like to say it was a pleasure and you will be missed.....

Freedom's Choice

The Defense Commissary Agency has chosen the names Freedoms Choice" and HomeBase" for its private label product assortment. That announcement came from DeCA Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu.
Private label, also known as store brands, will be appearing on commissary shelves in May.
Commissary patrons have been telling us for quite some time that they want to take advantage of the value offered by store brands, but commissaries have not had their own brand until now, Jeu said. We are proud of our new brands, and I believe our customers are going to be very pleased with the quality and low prices that Freedoms Choice and HomeBase bring to our shelves.
Freedoms Choice will be the commissary brand name for food items and HomeBase for nonfood items such as paper products and other household items. With the initial rollout targeted for May, patrons in commissaries worldwide can expect to see a number of DeCAs Freedoms Choice and HomeBase products.
It takes time to develop and allow for a store brand to reach maturity, so the number of Freedoms Choice and HomeBase products will continue to grow much larger over the next four to five years.
Freedoms Choice and HomeBase will give our patrons another chance to save money without sacrificing quality on brands priced significantly lower than national brands, Jeu said. Our private label products will also be equal or lower in price to commercial grocery store brands. These products will give our patrons the quality they expect and the savings they deserve.
Private label products are offered by retailers under their own, in-house brand or under a brand developed by their suppliers. DeCA conducted extensive research into developing the commissary brands, surveying hundreds of military members and their families to obtain their input for names and logos.
We talked to our customers about a number of package titles and showed them potential artwork for our commissary brands, said Chris Burns, DeCAs executive director for business transformation. The Freedoms Choice and HomeBase names and logos proved to be overwhelmingly popular.
Plans to start promoting Freedoms Choice and HomeBase have already begun and commissary customers will be noticing these names and logos very soon.
In December, DeCA announced its partnership with SpartanNash to begin developing the commissary brands. SpartanNash, through its military division MDV, is the leading distributor of grocery products to military commissaries in the United States.

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