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Don't forget your MOM's. Who else has done so much for you and asks for so little in return. Your commissary will have special bakery treats, plants, flowers, and goodies throughout the store leading to Mother's Day! Shop today and save on these deserving gifts for MOM!!

Case Lot Sale

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Case Lot Event. On June 3-5, 2016, we will be hosting anothe rCase Lot event with great product and great prices. Item listing will be out soon so be ready and if you want a preliminary list of items that will be showcased in the sale, sign up fo rthe Electronic Broadcast listing from your local Commissary. Simply send us an e-mail to and ask to be added.

WiFi at your Commissary!

Wi-Fi at your Local Commissary! That is correct, you can now get Wi-Fi at your local commissary. Just search for a Wi-Fi spot and look for "DeCA-Guest". Click on this Wi-Fi spot and agree to the Terms and Conditions and on you go! Remember to Bookmark to keep up with all our happenings.

Single Soldiers Aware

Are you newly arrived to the Ft. Gordon community and single, stop by your local commissary and save your hard earned money. With an average savings at your commissary, you can save $1,100 annually if you buy your snacks and drinks at your local benefit, Your Commissary - It's Worth the Trip!

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