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Easter is Hopping Close! Come by your commissary to check out the stock of Easter products. And while your here, look for the "Deals of the Week". These are extra special deals we promote for only a few days and offer additional savings to you versus regular pricing. But watch carefully, they are only available for a few days. Care to learn about them as they occur, send an e-mail to and she will add you to the Electronic Mail Broadcast Club.

Dietician Approved

We did the Work for You! That's right, we launched a new program for our customer, the Nutritional Guide Program (NGP). We have recognized that Health and Wellness is a major trend, especially with New Year's Resolutions. We have worked with the USDA and FDA to help determine specific nutrition attributes. Our NGP will be identified by labels on the shelves depicting certain attributes like Low Sodium; No Sugar Added: Whole Grain; Low Fat: Fiber; Organic products. Look for the Label now to assist you with your buying decisions.

Single Soldiers Aware

Are you newly arrived to the Ft. Gordon community and single, stop by your local commissary and save your hard earned money. With an average savings at your commissary, you can save $1,100 annually if you buy your snacks and drinks at your local benefit, if a family of 4, you can save $4,400. Your Commissary - It's Worth the Trip!

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