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We have the opportunity again this year to hire students. The Pathways
Intern program allows agencies to fill intern positions on a temporary
basis. Pathways Interns may come on board as early as April 16,
2017 with a firm Not to Exceed (NTE) date of September 30, 2017.
Eglin Commissary will have 6 part time positions open.

The Pathways Program requires public notice for all positions; therefore, an announcement
will be posted on the USAJOBS web site from February 21- April 14.
Students must apply on line when the announcement is open in
order to be considered.


Commissaries start celebration of 150-year history!

Patrons can expect to see special promotions, contests and a lot of birthday flair as the Defense Commissary Agency and its industry partners kick off the 150th anniversary celebration of the modern commissary benefit.
From now through the actual July 1 anniversary date, commissaries worldwide will highlight the long history of the commissary benefit and the great savings and value the benefit has brought to our military community since 1867.
The 150th anniversary observance ties back to the official beginning of the modern commissary benefit on July 1, 1867. It was on that date, two years following the Civil War, that enlisted men received the same privileges available to officers since 1825  the right to purchase goods, at cost price, from their posts subsistence department warehouses. These sales could take place at any post in the United States or its territories, wherever the local commander deemed them necessary, regardless of location.
As years passed, retirees, spouses and families also became eligible shoppers. The commissaries mirrored changes and progress in the civilian retail grocery industry, from self-service to product proliferation. As the nation sent its armed forces overseas, commissaries followed: Cuba, the Philippines, China, and Panama all had U.S. military commissaries before 1905.
Surcharges came and went. During the World Wars, commissaries spread all over the globe, from Europe and the Middle East to the Far East and even South America.
The Navy and Marine Corps opened their first commissaries in 1909-1910, and when the Air Force came into being in 1947, it inherited commissaries at Army Air Force bases and airfields.
For many years, the posts and bases had plenty of leeway in running their stores. After World War II, the services began taking firmer control of their commissaries, professionalizing the staffs and creating career paths for military and civilian employees alike. By the 1980s, the four major services each had their own commissary system. DeCA was begun in 1991 to create cost savings and store uniformity, bringing together all the stores of the four services.
At DeCA we want to celebrate our military members and their families for all they do to serve this nation. We may be throwing the party, but the celebration belongs to our patrons!




The Produce department is offering up some great savings on pre-made veggie trays; fruit gift baskets are available for your special event or special someone. Produce has all the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables for your parties or dinners. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated.
Please call 850-609-3172 x 3266.


Contact the Meat Department and place your meat order for that special dinner, cookouts, etc. A 24-hour is greatly appreciated (depending upon your needs, more notification may be required).
Please call 850-609-3172 x 3220.


The Bakery can make that special cake, cupcakes, and pasteries for your special occasions. A 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated. Please call 850-609-3172 x 3221 and discuss your special needs.


The Deli can have your Party Tray (Meat and Cheese) available for you to pick up with a 24-hour notice. Special Order your Party Tray Day!. Please call 850-609-3172 x 3221.


Call the Sushi Department for your sushi needs. Fresh sushi trays are made on a daily basis.
Please call 850-609-3172 x 3221 for any special requests. A 24-hour notification is appreciated.


Using and redeeming coupons will be hassle-free with the new Commissary Rewards Card.
With your Commissary Rewards Card, you'll be able to redeem coupons electronically at the commissary checkout. After you pick up your card, just register it, and then log in to your account to load coupons on the card before you shop.



Stop in and check out the MANAGERS SPECIALS and POWER BUYS! ORGANIC Produce is always a plus to add to your daily intake! Weekly specials save you dollars!

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