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Barksdale AFB Store Information


July 4th the Barksdale Commissary will operate normal business hours, so there is still plenty
of time to head over and get all of your supplies needed for your Independence Day cook-out
don't forget paper plates, plastic ware, charcoal, lighter fluid, lighters and utensils.

July 1 - 5
Friday 0700 - 1900
Saturday 0930 - 1700
Sunday 0930 - 1700
Monday Closed
Tuesday 0700 -1900

Stop by the Barksdale Commissary for the upcoming Managers Specials

June 27 - July 3
Bubba Burger Coupon Deal Regular 9.49 Sale Price 6.99

July 7 - 10
Cottonelle Bath Tissue 240 SF/12 Roll Pack 3.99

July 14 17
Fruit Gushers Variety Pack and Tropical 5 for 5.00
Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits and Nature Valley Soft Baked Oatmeal Squares 1.79

WiFi is now available at your Barksdale Commissary.

Stop by today you just can't beat the savings that your commissary offers, take advantage of your benefit, you earned it and it is our pleasure to serve our military community.

Emergency Supplies

Commissary patrons can save on their emergency supplies
The Defense Commissary Agency routinely offers savings compared to commercial stores on the necessary items for any emergency, said agency Sales Director Tracie Russ: We do know from past experience its better to plan for the unexpected. Thats why we work with our industry partners to offer deep discounts on many of the food products and other items our patrons need to be prepared. As they take stock in their state of readiness, military patrons can shop their local commissaries for the following items, considered appropriate for disaster preparedness: beef jerky and other assorted meat snacks, soup and chili mixes, canned goods, powdered milk, cereals, batteries, airtight bags, weather-ready flashlights, tape (all-weather, heavy-duty shipping and duct), first-aid kits, lighters, matches, lanterns, candles, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Specific items may vary from store to store. For more, go to .

Healthy Lifestyle

Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival: Live Healthy, Save Big!
The Defense Commissary Agency will host the military resale partnership event, Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival, July 1-31 at commissaries worldwide. This annual event will feature discounted prices on produce at commissary farmers markets; savings on workout equipment and apparel at exchanges; health screenings at local clinics; fitness events hosted by the post morale, welfare and recreation activities; demos, music, free nutritious food samples and prize giveaways; discount coupon offers; and health and wellness information and childrens programs. An overall schedule listing installations and dates can be found on the DeCA website at Commissary patrons should also check the individual store Web pages for more information on farmers market dates and other scheduled events. Customers are also advised to contact their local installation media for specific festival event schedules.

July Savings, Giveaways

Savings, giveaways heat up for commissaries in July
July offers commissary customers plenty of savings and giveaways, as the Defense Commissary Agency kicks off the month with its Fourth of July Holiday Weekend Sale! and the Healthy Lifestyle Festival.
Whether for our traditional favorite, the Healthy Lifestyle Festival, or our big July Fourth weekend event, we are working with our industry partners to offer promotions that sizzle like a nice steak on the barbecue grill, said Tracie Russ, DeCAs director of Sales. Each month, commissaries collaborate with their industry partners  vendors, suppliers and brokers  to offer discounts and special events. Shoppers can also check out for Commissary Rewards Card coupons, the commissarys sales flyer and a list of Commissary Value Brand items. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Patrons should check their commissary for dates and times. For more, go to

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