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Barksdale AFB Store Information


The Barksdale Commissary is undergoing a total store reset to better serve our customers
As part of DeCAs efforts to continue to build convenience into
the shopping experience we are undergoing an agency-wide "reset" which
will systematically change how products are displayed. The goal is to give
a more customer-friendly product flow and layout to create a faster, easier
and more convenient shopping experience. As such, there will be a temporary
interruption in service
The commissary will close Sunday September 18th at 1600 and we will re open Wednesday September 21st at 0700

We would like to welcome Mrs. Rubie Sidney our new Commissary Officer. Mrs. Sidney comes to us
from Fort Knox Kentucky with a wealth of experience from her many assignments throughout her career
with DeCA. The next time you are in the Commissary you will most likely see
Mrs. Sidney working alongside her people so stop and welcome her to Barksdale.

Interested in vendor stocking for the commissary; call 456-8778 for more information.

Are you looking for a broader selection of Organic Produce; look no further, the Commissary has expanded its line of products. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for ask a Produce Worker and they may be
able to order it for you. This week you will find these organic fruits and vegetables at your commissary Produce Department
Yellow Squash
Red Grapes
Green Grapes

WiFi is now available at your Barksdale Commissary.

Stop by today you just can't beat the savings that your commissary offers, take advantage of your benefit, you earned it and it is our pleasure to serve our military community.

September Events

September sales events boost patron savings
Commissary shoppers will see various sales events throughout their store in September with Labor Day promotions, football fever events, Oktoberfest celebrations, case lot sales, and lots of coupons to help save even more money. Each month, commissaries collaborate with their industry partners  vendors, suppliers and brokers  to offer discounts and special events. Shoppers can also check out for Commissary Rewards Card coupons, the commissarys sales flyer and a list of Commissary Value Brand items. Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Patrons should check their commissary for dates and times. Go to for details on September promotions.

Want to Save More

Want to save more? Get a Commissary Rewards Card
Introduced just four years ago, the Commissary Rewards Cards popularity with patrons is only growing with more than 1 million active users as of July 13, according to the Defense Commissary Agency officials. The cards services are available through apps on both Android and iPhone/iPad devices, which makes it handy for on-the-go shopping. The apps also include information on the closest store to the patron and feature promotions and contests tied to the Rewards Cards. Authorized shoppers who prefer to load coupons to their cards from a computer can go to where they can find more information and register their cards.

Emergency Supplies

Commissary patrons can save on their emergency supplies
National Preparedness Month in September draws attention to the wisdom of making an emergency plan for any crisis. Whether its natural or manmade, a crisis doesnt conveniently occur on schedule, said Defense Commissary Agency Sales Director Tracie Russ. Since April 1, DeCAs severe weather preparedness promotional package is offering various items at reduced prices until Oct. 31. This package includes: beef jerky and other assorted meat snacks, soup and chili mixes, canned goods, powdered milk, cereals, batteries, airtight bags, weather-ready flashlights, tape (all-weather, heavy-duty shipping and duct), first-aid kits, lighters, matches, lanterns, candles, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Specific promotional items may vary from store to store. Commissary patrons can go to to learn more about specific disaster preparedness resources for emergencies. For more information about National Preparedness Month, go to and

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