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Holidays Closed:
Christmas Day
New Year's Day
Your Kaneohe Team is now gearing up for the Annual May Case Lot Sale! The dates are set and the saving are Big. Mark your calendar now for May 26 - 28 and plan to shop early on the first day to catch all major big sale items, that way you can enjoy all the "Best Deals " at the lowest pricing and beat the heat. The May Case Lot Sale is coming to Kaneohe soon. The commissary it's worth the trip.


The Kaneohe Team is doing there "Best" to maximizing your "Benefit". The lowest prices, great saving, and Outstanding Customer Service. Kaneohe Commissary is providing "World Class Saving on quality products!. Mother's Day flower arrangements and dozens of fresh rose bouquets of all colors and sizes are on sale for you to surprise and show mom she the Best! We have the chocolate's to go with the flowers. "Whitman's, Russell Stover & Ferrero Rocher" to sweeten the day. Make it a day for mom to remember. The Kaneohe Commissary Healthy Life Style Festival is schedule to start July 1-3, 2017. July 1-3 we will have a nutritionist on hand providing samples and recipes for quick easy healthy snack tips and on eating healthy. We all want to feel great from eating balanced meals with fresh vegetables and fruits. This is a great way to get the essentials nutrients and vitamin's for a healthy lifestyle. Buying your fresh vegetables and fruits at your local commissary is a wonderful way to show your support of the valued commissary benefit to family and friends. Healthy lifestyle and save big is easy at the Kaneohe Commissary!


Rewards have a specials deal and new coupons load monthly. It's our way of giving discounts without you having to do anything. Rewards cards are the real deal. Enjoy a faster, simpler and more convenient way to shop and save with Rewards Cards. Register today at

Store Ambassadors

Looking for the "World Class Customer Service" just ask one of the store Ambassador's Jody or Christopher for any of your request and receive world-class customer service! The Kaneohe Bay Commissary store "Ambassadors" Jody Poole & Christopher Lee part of the Customer Service Team. They can provide you with all the latest updates and events coming soon.

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