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3-4 June 2017
This Summer, your Andersen AFB commissary is once again hosting its "Your Healthy Lifestyle Festival". we will be featuring the farmers market, MWR will offer a variety of fitness events for patrons, and exchanges will be offering their popular products.

Your Andersen AFB commissary is hosting a sidewalk sales on 5th-6th August 2017.


ALFOODACT 2017-034 WFSP Foods LLC RTE Chicken Breast Products  Possibly Undercooked

ALFOODACT 2017-033 Clarification and Expansion of ALFOODACT 2017-031  Frito Lay Chips - Salmonella

ALFOODACT 2017-032  Campbell Homestyle Soups  Mislabeling and undeclared milk


Robert Vagasky -– Commissary Officer– 366-5134
Sun Park - Assistant Commissary Officer 366-3965
Douglas Horton - Store Manager 366-4781
John Missildine - Grocery Manager 366-5136
Thomas Castro - Assistant Grocery Manager 366-5136
Frederica Wilson - Produce Manager 366-5210
William Miller -– Meat Department Manager – 366-3294
Crestita Lopez - Customer Service Manager 366-5159/3385
ID Desk-after 07:00 AM-366-2264
Admin Office- 366-5134



a. If for any reason, a patron is not satisfied with merchandise paid for and removed from
the commissary, the merchandise may be returned for a refund or exchanged for another of the
same item. However, store directors have the authority to deny a refund when unreasonable
quantities of items are returned, with or without a receipt. Returns of large quantities of items or
frequent returns which give the appearance of an attempt to stay below the thresholds identified
in Enclosure 3 paragraph 9, will also be denied. Additionally, store management may require a
receipt for refunds if a review of the refund log has identified a pattern of the same individuals
repeatedly returning merchandise without a receipt.

b. If the product is returned due to poor quality or wholesomeness, the returned item will be
given to the medical food inspectors for testing and evaluation.

(1) A CSD representative will complete DeCAF 40-45, Food Quality Report, Figure 4.
Do not detain the patron unnecessarily, but obtain enough information to allow the medical food
inspectors to evaluate the product. If the patron wishes to be informed of the results of the
evaluation, record the individuals name, address, and telephone number on the form for reply
purposes. If required by management, use a locally devised log to record and track the issuance
and completion of DeCAF 40-45.

(2) The product and DeCAF 40-45 should be sent to the medical food inspector in an
expeditious manner. If the inspector is not readily available, secure the item in an area that will
not cause further damage or deterioration. The inspector will examine the product and following
the evaluation, complete and return DeCAF 40-45 to the store director for notification purposes.
If the product is found to be defective, the store director will ensure the warehouse and shelf
stocks are surveyed for additional defective products and, if found, removed from the sales floor.

c. Tobacco Returns. If tobacco products are returned, request to see the sales receipt.
Verify that the returned tobacco products do not have a state tax stamp on the package and have
not expired. Customers with a receipt will be refunded monies paid. If there is no receipt for the
tobacco items, the customer may exchange the tobacco product for another tobacco product only.

d. Baby Formula Returns. A receipt is required for the return/exchange of baby formula. If
there is no receipt for the baby formula, the customer may only exchange the baby formula for
another baby formula.

(1) In the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, or Guam. If baby formula is returned, request
to see the sales receipt from the commissary. Verify that the products have not expired. For any
baby formula being returned that was purchased with WIC checks or WIC electronic benefits
transfer (EBT), refer to your states WIC reference materials for return procedures.

(2) Outside the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, or Guam. Ask for the receipt to determine
if the purchase was made using WICO drafts. This will determine which of the below actions
will be taken.

(a) Non-WICO Purchases. Non-WICO customers may return/exchange formula if
they have a receipt and the formula has not expired.

(b) WICO Purchases. Refunds and exchanges for baby formula purchased with a
WICO draft are not allowed and are considered a WICO program violation. Participant should
be instructed to return to the WICO office for assistance.

e. ALL returns will be entered into the POS system as return to shelfYes to ensure
movement is calculated and reported the same way in all DeCA system reports. Adjustments for
unsaleables will be made when salvage is processed.


Fruit trays, Veggie Trays, Deli/pastry platters, cheese trays, Sandwich trays, and cakes are all available at your Andersen AFB Commissary.

Produce department: 366-5210
Deli/Bakery: 366-4782


Commissary gift cards, available in denominations of $25 or $50, are a great way to provide the necessities to your loved ones and friends conveniently and quickly.
Here are five great reasons commissary gift cards are so convenient for giver and receiver:

1.Card balances can be checked easily by phone and online
2.Anyone can purchase the cards for authorized patrons to use
3.Cards are available in-store worldwide and on our website
4.There is no limit to the number of cards you can purchase
5.Cards can be shipped anywhere in the United States as well as to APO, FPO or DPO addresses

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