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Your Smokey Point Commissary now offers free Wi-Fi so you may use your favorite mobile device in-store and clip Commissary Rewards Coupons while you shop saving time and money! Visit to register your Rewards Card Today! Don't have a rewards card yet? Ask the I.D. attendant or any of your Sales Store Checkers, they'd be happy to give you one to include a quick registration guide.

Patrons can also access the DeCA website for the following features:
1) the Commissary Rewards Card, which allows patrons to redeem coupons electronically at the commissary checkout. Patrons can pick up a card at their local commissary and register it at, where they can log into their account to load coupons on the card before they shop; and
2) DeCAs new Nutritional Guide Program; go to to learn more about the color-coded shelf labels that point out items with key nutrient attributes such as low sodium, whole grain, no sugar added, low fat, good source of fiber and organic.

Early Bird Opening

Your Smokey Point Commissary opens each Tues - Sun at 0830 for those wanting to take advantage of stress-free shopping. Regular check out lanes open at 0900 however the self-checkout lanes are open at 0830 for patrons needing only a few items and would like to complete their transactions quickly. An attendant is always available for assistance if needed.

Refrigeration Upgrade

As you may have noticed, in a continuing effort to improve your commissary, we are currently undergoing a refrigeration upgrade. Due to this process some refrigerated items may be temporarily displaced. We have placed signs in the locations of the displaced items to increase awareness and aid in the location of these products. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences.

****Construction Update**
We are currently replacing our flooring and during this time you may notice that aisles will be moved. We want to assure you that this is temporary and as soon as construction is finished the aisles will return to normal. We thank you for your continued patience.

Healthy Lifestyles

From June 1-4th, Smokey Point Commissary will be having a Healthy Lifestyles event. Come join us for our farmers market, healthy food demos & more!

Summer Grilling Savings

Summer grilling savings. Beginning May 1 and continuing through June 30, stateside commissaries (to include Alaska and Hawaii) will offer a Memorial Day Weekend Grilling Coupon Booklet worth over $13. The themed coupon booklet will allow commissary patrons to receive discounts when purchasing fresh, store-processed beef or fresh pork with their weekend holiday essentials. The booklet is hosted by Kraft Heinz, Pepperidge Farms, Chinet, Kelloggs, Johnsonville and Bimbo Bakeries. Limited quantities are available.

A great way to say thanks

Buying commissary gift cards is a great way to shop for friends, relatives and co-workers or even as a donation toward a good cause.

Available for purchase in-store by eligible shoppers and online for everyone else, commissary gift cards are a great way to say thanks to military service members, with the knowledge that both you and they are getting the most out of every dollar spent through the commissarys low prices.

Here are some commissary gift card quick facts:
·Gift cards are available at all commissaries worldwide  on a rack at full service, front-end registers  as well as at the website. Just use the Place your order button on the gift cards page.
·Cards are good for five years from date of purchase.
·Only gift cards purchased online incur a shipping and handling fee. There are no fees when you purchase the card in a store.
·There is no limit to the number of gifts cards you can buy. However, DeCA officials recommend organizations and activities consider purchasing their cards online if they plan to buy more than 50 at a time.
·The cards can be sent anywhere in the United States. However, cards can only be shipped to APO, FPO or DPO addresses outside the United States.
·To check card balances, use the Check Your Balance button on the gift cards page.
·For customer service questions, call 877-988-4438, which you'll also find on the back of the gift card. You can also use this number to check the balance on your card.

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