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Your Smokey Point Commissary now offers free Wi-Fi so you may use your favorite mobile device in-store and clip Commissary Rewards Coupons while you shop saving time and money! Visit to register your Rewards Card Today! Don't have a rewards card yet? Ask the I.D. attendant or any of your Sales Store Checkers, they'd be happy to give you one to include a quick registration guide.

Early Bird Opening

Your Smokey Point Commissary opens each Tues - Sun at 0830 for those wanting to take advantage of stress-free shopping. Regular check out lanes open at 0900 however the self-checkout lanes are open at 0830 for patrons needing only a few items and would like to complete their transactions quickly. An attendant is always available for assistance if needed.

Refrigeration Upgrade

As you may have noticed, in a continuing effort to improve your commissary, we are currently undergoing a refrigeration upgrade. Due to this process some refrigerated items may be temporarily displaced. We have placed signs in the locations of the displaced items to increase awareness and aid in the location of these products. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences.

Case Lot Sale

Our next case lot sale will be held Apr 19-23. Be sure to come out to enjoy the savings and remember, "Your Commissary... It's Worth The Trip!"

Commissary Rewards Card

Do you have a Commissary Rewards Card? Now days everything is digital, so is getting your coupons for the Commissary. Now you can download and save coupons to your Commissary Rewards Card. Then at checkout redeem your coupons by swiping your Commissary Rewards Card or entering your Alternate ID number at checkout. Your coupons are electronically matched against your purchases, automatically deducted from your bill and shown on your receipt. If you do not have one yet, please make sure to pick one up located at the ID desk just after you enter the Commissary.

Commissary Gift Card

The military has a longstanding tradition of taking care of our own. During the holidays, installation units and organizations can use the commissary benefit to extend the gift of groceries to service members in need or military families overseas. The Commissary Gift Card program allows families at home, friends, our industry partners and charitable organizations to quickly and easily show support or even introduce the commissary benefit to a junior soldier. Units or family support agencies purchasing these cards can ensure that every member of their team gets a chance at a home-cooked meal during the holidays. Read more at

Your Deli and Produce

Your Deli / Bakery and Produce departments are willing to assist you with your next party. From meat and cheese trays, sandwiches, wings, cupcakes, cakes, fruit and vegetable trays, your Deli / Bakery and Produce department are always ready to assist you with planning your next get together. You may place a special order over the phone by calling 425-304-3410, 425-304-3379 or stop by to speak directly with the manager. Please allow 24 to 48 hours advance notice to be sure your tray is ready on time!

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