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Fort Carson Commissary has four winners for our Fisher House Scholarships for our Military Children. We would like to congratulate Michael Coale, David Coale, Mary McCowen and Grant Hughes for a well-deserved accomplishment.

Our Commissary Reset- The Fort Carson Commissary will close early on Sunday 25 June at 1600 hrs and will be closed June 26 & 27 while it undergoes a reset as part of the Defense Commissary Agencys ongoing effort to enhance the shopping experience

Holiday Hours:

July 4th Independence Day 1000-1800
September 4th Labor Day 1000-1800
October 9th Columbus Day 1000-1800
November 10th Veterans Day (observed 1000-1800
November 11th Veterans Day Opened regular hours
November 23rd Thanksgiving (CLOSED)
December 25th Christmas (CLOSED)


Check out our new nutritional guide program, kicking off DeCA-wide this month, the NGP highlights five key nutritional attributes: low sodium, no-added sugar, whole grain, low fat and great source of fiber, and whether the item is organic. The program catch phrase, Dietitian Approved! We Did the Work for You! aptly describes it. The color-coded shelf tags  some with Thumbs Up designations  make it easier for customers to choose products that are right for them and their families. For more information on the Nutrition Guide Program, visit https://commissaries.com/healthy-living/nutrition-guide.cfm.

Don't forget your Commissary Rewards Card and download coupons at Commissaries.com to save even more! Just hand your card to the cashier BEFORE your groceries are rung up. Your card will be scanned and your coupons will be automatically deducted off your bill. Commissary Rewards Card users can now download an Android app to access and clip digital coupons. This app joins the previously released iPhone/iPad app.

Early Bird Shopping

What is Early Bird Shopping?

Early bird shopping is Monday thru Friday from 0700-0900 hours. Any authorized commissary patron can shop during this time. However, during early bird hours we have limited amount of staff on hand, there's a purchase limit of 20 items or fewer, only our self-checkouts are open, we usually still have vendors on the floor still stocking, and our bakery/deli, meat, & produce departments may not be fully stocked.

Coupon Policy

The following elements must be present for a coupon to be valid:
" The word coupon;
" A message to the retailer specifying the terms and conditions for accepting the coupons;
" Redemption address;
" An expiration date is not required on the coupon. A valid coupon may have an expiration date, may be imprinted to state NO EXPIRATION DATE, or not have any information regarding expiration date. Coupons will not be accepted past the expiration date printed on the coupon, except for overseas locations (see paragraph 7-2, above);
" The purchase requirement, e.g., Coupon good on any size purchase of &, or Coupon good on the purchase of two cans of &, etc.; and
" A specially stated face value, e.g., 50 cents or an "up to" or "no more than" value (value no more than $2.00"), etc.


" When commercial grocery stores offer double or triple coupons, they actually deduct double or triple the face value of the coupon during the patron purchase transaction. When commercial stores conduct these types of promotions, manufacturers reimburse the stores ONLY for the face value of one coupon. The commercial grocery stores that offer the double or triple coupon promotions must bear the cost of any coupon value above coupon face value returned to patrons. Commercial grocery stores either absorb these losses in the profit that they make on sale of goods, or offset these losses by manipulating their price structure to generate gains in other parts of their operations.
" Commissaries cannot offer double or triple coupon promotions as described above for the following reasons:
" By law, DeCA is required to sell all commissary items at prices set only high enough to cover item costs, with NO profit or overhead costs, e.g., labor costs, cost of maintenance and repair, etc., included in prices to patrons;
" (DeCA has no profit in which to absorb losses associated with double or triple coupon promotions; and
" Because DeCA is required by law to sell all commissary items at prices set only high enough to cover item costs, DeCA cannot manipulate prices to generate gains to offset losses associated with double or triple coupon promotions.
" Coupons are considered a cash substitute for legal tender and must be secured in the cash register or placed in the locked slotted coupon drawer until a pick-up is made or the cashier leaves that register. If a cashier moves to another register, the coupons should be turned in to the customer service department supervisor to ensure coupons are not commingled with other cashiers coupons. Coupons stored in the slotted coupon drawer will be picked up at the end of the business day or end of the cashiers shift. Ensure coupons are separated from cash and checks at the time the pick-up is made.
" Commissaries may accept Internet coupons. Internet coupons cannot be accepted for free products. Internet coupons must contain a typical barcode and a Dot Scan Barcode or a PIN.
" Title 10 U.S. Code 2486(d) requires DeCA commissaries to recover the full cost of every item sold and that the commissary surcharge be collected on the full cost of all items sold. Coupon values are deducted from transactions after the surcharge is computed and applied to full value of the transaction.
" DeCA accepts one coupon per item.


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