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Fort Sill

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Item Aisle Item Aisle
Air Freshener 11B Aluminum Foil 13A
Asian Foods 4A Baby Food/Formula 8B
Baking Chocolate 2A Baking Items 2A
Barbecue Sauce 1B Bath Tissue 10B
Batteries 13A Bird Seed 12B
Bleach 11B Bread 14A
Cake Mix 2A Candy 6A
Canning Supplies 13B Cat Food 12A
Cat Litter 12A Cereal (cold) 5B
Cereal (Hot) 5B Charcoal 13A
Chicken Fresh MT DEPT Chili (Canned) 3A
Chips 7A Cigarettes Front by Check-outs
Cleaning Supplies 11B Cocoa 2A
Coconut 2A Coffee 5A
Coffee Creamer 5A Cookies 6B
Crackers 6B Cups, Plastic 13B
Dairy Products Dairy Cooler Detergent 11A
Diapers 8B Diet Foods 10A
Disposable Pans 2A Dog Food 12B
Eggs DAIRY Fabric Softener 11A
Feminine Hygiene 9B Fish (Canned) 3A
Flour 2A Frozen Foods 16-20
Fruit (Canned) 2A German/Gourmet Food 4A
Granola Bars 6A GUM 6A
Health & Beauty 9 A & B Honey 1B
Hosiery 9B Hot Chocolate Mix 5B
Household Goods 11B Ice FRONT
Ice Cream 20 Ice Cream Toppings 13B
Insecticide 13A International Foods 4A
Jam 1B Jello 2A
Jelly 1B Juice (Can/Bottle) 4B
Ketchup 1B Kitchenware 11B
Kool Aid 5B Laundry Detergent 11A
Light Bulbs 13A Lunch Bags 13A
Lunch Meats Lunch Meat Cooler Margarine Dairy Chillbox
Marshmallows 2A Meats (canned) 3A
Meats (Fresh) MT DEPT Meats (Frozen) 16A
Mexican Food 4A Milk (Canned) 4A
Milk (Condensed) 4A Mustard 1B
Napkins 13A Nuts/Baking 2A
Nuts/Snacking 6B Oils/Cooking 1B
Pancake Mix 6A Paper Towels 10B
Pasta 3B Peanut Butter 1B
Pepper 2B Pet Supplies/Food 12A
Pickles 1B Pie Filling 2A
Plastic Bags 13A Plastic Wraps 13A
Plates/Cups 13A Pop Tarts 6A
Popcorn 6A Potatoes (Boxed) 2B
Prepared Dinners 3A Rice 3B
Rice Cakes 13B Salad Dressing 1B
Salt 2B Salt Pellets 13B
Shortening 2A Soap (Bath) 9A
Soap (Dish) 11B Soft Drinks 7B
Soup 3A Spaghetti 3B
Spices 2B Stuffing Mix 2B
Sugar 2B Syrups/Pancake 6A
Tea 5A Tissue/Bath 10B
Tobacco FRONT Tomato Paste 2B
Tuna 3A Vegetables (Can) 2B
Vinegar 1B Vitamins 10A
Water 8A Wax (Floor) 11B
Wraps 13B

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