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The Commissary will be open regular hours the Tuesday following a holiday.

The Commissary will be open for business Tuesday -Sunday. The Commissary is closed every Monday. Thanks for your continued patronage and support.


Purchase $25 and $50 cards at the customer service window.

DeCA rolls out chip card payment option The electronic payment industry began implementing chip card processing last fall in the U.S. as merchants began switching to the new system. Chip, or EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), cards are reported to be more secure than magnetic strip cards because they produce
a unique code for each transaction, making them harder to counterfeit and use fraudulently.

Nutrition Guide Program (NGP): "Dietitian Approved! We did the Work for You!"
The NGP consists of color-coded shelf labels that identify key nutritional attributes for commissary grocery products. The purpose of the NGP is to assist commissary shoppers in their identification and selection of nutritional grocery products found throughout the commissary. The point-of-selection NGP shelf labels will be aligned on shelves with corresponding grocery products that meet particular nutritional guidelines. NGP labeling is designed to assist shoppers by helping them easily identify specific nutritional attributes of grocery products. The NGP color-coded shelf labels assist shoppers in choosing healthy lifestyle food options by making it convenient to identify grocery products with particular nutritional attributes: Low Sodium, Low Fat, Whole Grain, No Sugar Added, Good Source of Fiber, and Organic.
The NGP is based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards which are widely recognized and trusted. All NGP labels for grocery products are based on the food manufacturer's labeling, including the Nutrition Facts Panel and ingredients list.
DeCA also worked in collaboration with DoD services branch dieticians to align the program as closely as possible to DoDs Go for Green® nutritional program. Go for Green® has been deployed throughout DoD installations and dining facilities. Products in the commissarys NGP that align closely with the Go for Green® category (High Nutrition Quality/High Performance Food) has a "Thumbs-Up" icon displayed on the NGP label.
The NGP shelf labels are designed to benefit commissary patrons by providing point-of-selection nutritional information. The NGP shelf labels draw attention to more than 600 items on the commissarys grocery sales floor that meets similar Go for Green® criteria for High Nutrition Quality/High Performance Food. These items are identified by NGP labels with the "Thumbs- Up" icon.

Charleston AFB Commissary has started scanning customers' Department of Defense ID cards at checkouts as the Defense Commissary Agency continues its efforts to deliver a 21st century benefit. By scanning the ID at checkout, DeCA will no longer need to maintain any personal information on customers in its computer systems, such as the system used for customers who write checks. Scanning will also help improve the commissary benefit for all patrons. "In addition to verifying customers as authorized commissary patrons, we'll gain information that will give us a better understanding of our patrons, allowing the agency to provide the commissary benefit more effectively and efficiently. Cross-referenced with other DOD data, the scan data will give DeCA useful information about patron usage by military service, along with customer demographics that do not identify specific personal data of an individual.
For more information on ID card scanning, go to:

If you are interested in working in the commissary, please apply by going to Click on search jobs tab. Type in the announcement #: DECA-17-OC-1878133-DE, for Sales Store Checker. DECA-17-OC-1878016-DE for Store Worker AND DECA-16-OC-1581993 for Meatcutting Working. Click on "how to apply" and complete the application.

It's here! The Commissary Rewards Card is available now in the Charleston AFB Commissary. The card is free and designed to reduce the number of paper coupons commissary customers clip and carry  Saving them time and money. Adding digital coupons is easy and is done online after registering the card through the commissary website at New digital coupons will typically become available every two or three weeks. Visit the website for more information or ask in the commissary.

Department of Defense regulations permit an authorized patron to bring guests into a commissary during shopping visits. However, while you and your guest are in the commissary, you are responsible for the actions of your guest. Your guest is NOT authorized to make commissary purchases, and you are NOT permitted to make commissary purchases for your guest.

The new, reusable bags being sold at commissaries worldwide as part of the Defense Commissary Agency's “"Go Green"” initiative are so popular they're flying off the shelves. The popular green bags are made of sturdy mesh and are strong enough to hold up to 30 pounds of groceries. The bags are machine washable and can be recycled when no longer usable. Look for reusable bag racks at your commissary, or ask your cashier for the bags at checkout; and don't forget to look for the reusable "cooler" bags too!!!

The Defense Commissary Agency has almost tripled the number of green clean, recycled and bio-degradable products sold in its stores over the past year. Commissaries now offer 24 green and natural products in laundry detergents, glass and surface cleaners, bleach, stain removers, drain openers, fabric softeners, and floor cleaners. “We see, by the sales of these items, that our customers want this type of product, said Rick Page, DeCA's Chief Operations Officer. “As the availability of products in the green clean, natural and recycled categories continues to grow, DeCA will continue to increase the number of items we make available to our customers.” Rounding out the list of green products being sold at commissaries are 21 types of compact fluorescent light bulbs and 15 recyclable products in the paper section. When shopping for green clean products, consumers should check labels for wording such as nonhazardous, mild or nonirritant and neutral PH.”Product availability may differ from store to store. For more information about DeCA's "Go Green"”program, visit our Home Page at


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