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Welcome to the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO).

The DeCA EEO office is here to support, consult, educate, train and advise the community on equity, and fairness.  DeCA values the diverse talents and perspectives of every individual, which contributes to the overall success of DeCA’s mission.  Equal Opportunity is the concept of creating an environment where each individual can fully participate in the activities of an organization without facing unnecessary obstacles.  EEOO’s mission is to cultivate a culture of equity, fairness, diversity and inclusion at DeCA.  We hope to fulfill our mission by following a vision to inspire, consult and educate all DeCA employees.

Ensuring equity and the civil rights of our workforce and fostering a culture of equity, fairness, diversity and inclusion will enable DeCA to leverage the talents, perspectives and ideas of our entire work force.  In turn, we cultivate innovative and creative discoveries that advance advance employment opportunities.  The EEOO is a distinct part of the foundation that helps DeCA achieve success.



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