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National Nutrition Month

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Until 2020, the frequency of family meals prepared at home was on the decline. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, preparing and sharing meals at home snapped back into focus, becoming the norm. The Defense Commissary Agency hopes military families focus on the benefits of cooking and eating meals together and will, hopefully, keep home-cooking a tradition long after the threat of the pandemic recedes.

Preparing and eating meals at home is a better choice for many reasons:

•Meals can be more nutritious and may taste better since there is more control and awareness of all the ingredients going into the meal

•Portion sizes are much easier to manage

•Children learn from watching you. Healthy habits, such as cooking more meals at home, will carry over into their adulthood. Taking part in preparing meals will teach children how to plan, prepare and serve 

•Cooking meals together at home encourages quality family time and creates memories

•Meals prepared at home will generally save the family money

•The entire family can be involved in using resources to develop meal plans and manage shopping lists

We've prepared these easy-to-follow guides to keep you and your family healthy by cooking at home!

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