Commissary Brands

What are commissary brand products?

  • Commissary brands are high-quality, low-cost alternatives to national brand products that offer commissary patrons additional savings.
  • Our commissary family of brands include Freedom’s Choice (food items), HomeBase (non-food items), TopCare (health, beauty and cosmetics), Full Circle Market (natural and organic food options), Tippy Toes (baby products), Flock’s Finest (wild bird food for hopper, tube or platform feeders) and Pure Harmony (high quality pet food that provides grain-free options using meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient). TopCare, Tippy Toes, Full Circle Market, Flock’s Finest, and Pure Harmony are not exclusive to the commissary.
  • Commissary brands were introduced because many of our authorized patrons indicated they shop off base to take advantage of the savings offered by store brands at local retail grocers. To that point, store brands account for about 20 percent or more of total sales in retail grocers.
  • Each item is rigorously tested before it goes to into distribution. The testing involves internal testing by our category management teams, third party testing by quality assurance professionals who have specific training in food safety and quality assurance standards, and plant sanitation inspections by the U.S. Army Public Health. Our goal is to meet or exceed the national brand equivalent. Everything from product taste, smell, color and other product attributes are tested.
  • We stand behind commissary brands with a money-back guarantee on every label.
  • The commissary plans to gradually increase the commissary brand inventory to 3,000 to 4,000 items.
  • Varieties of commissary brand products will differ from store to store depending on store size and location.
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