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Can I use a digital coupon and a paper coupon for the same item?

No. At no time will two or more coupons be used on the purchase of one item. Although commissaries do still accept paper coupons, they can only accept one coupon per item or purchase requirement. Commissaries must follow this policy to ensure they will be reimbursed by manufacturers for the coupons they accept. This means you cannot "stack" digital and paper coupons, but you may use both paper and digital coupons in the same transaction, provided both are not used on the same item or set of items.

How can I participate?

First, pick up your card at your local commissary. Then, register it through the Commissary Rewards Card registration page. During registration, you will be asked to select a 10-digit ID, to provide the cashier in case you forget your card. Once you are registered, simply log into your account periodically to load new coupons on your card, then scan the card at the register to apply the coupons to your purchases.

How do digital coupons work?

Digital coupons are paperless and work automatically when you load them on your Commissary Rewards Card through your online account and scan your card at checkout. Just like paper coupons, these coupons are offered by manufacturers and have expiration dates and terms and conditions that must be followed for redemption.

How many copies of a coupon can I load onto my card?

This is up to the manufacturers that issue the coupons, but in most cases, they will only allow one coupon per customer.

How often will there be new coupons available?

New coupons are posted as soon as they become available, sometimes every day.

I am stationed overseas. Will these coupons be valid for up to six months after expiration overseas, as paper coupons are?

No. One of the advantages of digital coupons is that they are available to all our customers worldwide instantly, so our overseas customers won't need extra time to be able to use these coupons. Once a coupon expires, it will disappear from your account.

If I see a coupon for a product, does that mean it is sold at my store?

Unfortunately, no. While we do our best to work with our industry partners to share coupons for products that are broadly available, due to limited shelf space, not all items are available at all stores.

If I use a digital coupon for an item and end up returning the item, can I reuse my coupon the next time I shop?

No. Once an offer has been used, it cannot be reused and will no longer be available on your account.

If the system is down or offline, how do I get my coupon reductions?

The term "Reward" does not include anything of value from the Defense Commissary Agency. The only "Reward" provided under this program is the downloaded coupons that a patron selects. In the event of a communication system failure that prevents crediting of the digital coupon at the register, at time of check-out, digital coupons will not be applied on that transaction. However, if the coupons have not reached their expiration date, they will remain on a customer's Commissary Rewards Card for use on a future visit. Due to different size/class of commissaries, not all products are available at all stores.

Is there a limit on how many of a particular coupon are available?

Manufacturers provide the number of digital coupons available in their budget. This number can vary from 100-100,000 per digital coupon. Each time a customer “clips” (downloads) a coupon to their Rewards Card, one coupon is deducted from the total available. Once the maximum number of digital coupons provided by the manufacturer has been reached, the coupon disappears from the coupon site so patrons can no longer clip that particular coupon. Once a coupons is clipped, it remains on a patron’s card until it is redeemed or expires.

What are the rules associated with using a particular digital coupon?

Manufactures provide the rules associated with each digital coupon. Most manufacturers allow only one digital coupon per Rewards Card. Patrons are often confused in assuming that if they clip a coupon it will apply to as many of that particular item they have in their cart. (Example: A patron clips a coupon for $1.00 off Sunny Delight, 64 oz. The patron arrives at the checkout with five Sunny Delight 64 oz., and expects to receive $1.00 off of each, however only one Sunny Delight qualifies for the coupon discount since the manufacture has allowed only one coupon per card.)

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Contact customer service at 1-855-829-6219 or

What is the Commissary Rewards Card?

The Commissary Rewards Card is the result of DeCA working with its industry partners to leverage technology to help you get the most out of your commissary benefit. The card will launch with a digital coupon capability and may expand to offer other features in the future.

Where can I learn more?

Please go to the Commissary Rewards Card page. Help is available through the customer service hotline, (855) 829-6219, or by email at Please include your Commissary Rewards Card number and transaction information in any correspondence.

Will I be able to receive "overage" from these coupons?

No. None of the coupons available through the Commissary Rewards Card will be valid for more than the price of the item you are purchasing.

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