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For assistance with Reasonable Accommodation or Personal Assistance Services, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Office's Disability Program Manager, Ms. Tiffany Session, at or 804-734-8000 ext 48870.

Frequently, employers are required to make workplace accommodations for a qualified individual with a disability (IWD), if requested and appropriate. Reasonable accommodations can apply to job duties and/or where and how job tasks are performed. A reasonable accommodation should make it easier for the employee to successfully perform the duties of the position they hold.

DeCA is committed to enhancing its recruitment, promotion, and retention of qualified persons with disabilities by providing the information and resources necessary to support them and to accomplish the Agency’s mission. To implement the requirements of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, the Agency is committed to providing timely and effective reasonable accommodations to individuals with physical or mental limitations (employees and job applicants) and meet the statutory definition of a qualified individual with a disability, unless to do so would cause undue hardship to the Agency.

If you are an employee
Tell your supervisor or Disability Program Manager (DPM) what accommodation is needed because you have a disability.  An RA can be requested in person, on the phone, by email, in writing, or on Form 55-2.

If you are an applicant in need of an RA for your interview
Work directly with the individual arranging the interview and contact the Agency DPM, Ms. Tiffany Session, at or 804-734-8000 ext 48870.

Who is an Individual with a Disability?
An individual with a Disability is one who:
•    Has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities;
•    Has a record of such an impairment; or
•    Is generally regarded as having such an impairment.

Who is a Qualified Individual with a Disability?
A qualified individual with a disability is a person who, with or without a reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions of the job in question.

What is a Reasonable Accommodation (RA)?
A reasonable accommodation (RA) is any modification or adjustment to a job, an employment practice, or the work environment that makes it possible for a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities.
There are three categories of reasonable accommodations:
•    Modifications or adjustments to a job application process to permit an individual with a disability to be considered for a job (such as providing application forms in alternative formats like large print or Braille);
•    Modifications or adjustments necessary to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job (such as providing sign language interpreters); and
•    Modifications or adjustments that enable employees with disabilities to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment (such as removing physical barriers in an office cafeteria).

What is Personal Assistance Services (PAS)?
As part of DeCA's obligation to engage in affirmative action, DeCA provides Personal Assistance Services (PAS) to individuals who need them because of certain disabilities. PAS are services that help individuals who, because of targeted disabilities, require assistance to perform basic activities of daily living, like eating and using the restroom. PAS are specifically for Individuals with Targeted Disabilities. The individual must be able to perform the essential functions of the job, once PAS and any required Reasonable Accommodations have been provided.


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