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March is National Nutrition Month – Are You up for The Challenge?!

Join the DeCA Dietitian's 30 Day Challenge

March is when Spring begins, a time of new beginnings. It’s also National Nutrition Month, which makes it a great time to have a fresh start and familiarize yourself with the Healthy Living resources we offer, if you haven’t already. We’re giving you advance notice so you can prepare for our 30-Day Challenge, if you choose to accept it: use these resources to help you build healthy habits for 30 days to see how simple and effective these changes can be! Read More...


Check out the additional resources below and watch the video to learn more about the Grab-n-Go fueling stations at your commissary!

Additional Resources

Live chat with DeCA Dietitian on Facebook

DeCA's dietitian, Deborah Harris, MPH, RD, CDCES, will host a special Facebook Live on our page to interact with customers participating in 30-Day Challenge on March 8 at 2:00 PM Eastern! Follow us on Facebook to participate in the discussion and to get the support you need to be successful on your 30-Day Challenge!

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