Maintenance and Privacy Act Notices

Maintenance Notice

Access may not be available on Saturdays between 10 and 11 pm ET (Eastern Time). If your access is denied during this timeframe, please try again later.

Privacy Act Statement

Principal Purposes: To determine if an individual is authorized commissary privileges in accordance with DoD Directive 1330.17, Military Commissaries, and DoD 1330.17-R, Armed Services Commissary Regulations (ASCR).

Authority: The Social Security number is the primary means of identifying individuals' eligibility to use this service through the DEERS system. Please reference The System of Records Notice (SORN) for the DEERS system page. That system includes the Social Security number and has as its purpose "to provide a database for determining the eligibility to DoD entitlements and privileges..." Among the various authorities allowing for the collection of personal information cited in the DEERS SORN is 10 U.S.C Chapter 54, Commissary and Exchange Benefits.

Mandatory or Voluntary: Voluntary. However, if you fail to provide the requested information, DEERS will not be able to verify your identity. If your identity is not verified, you will be unable to gain access to the website.

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