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1000 - 1700
0900 - 1900
0900 - 1900
0900 - 1900
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110 Valiant St
Bldg 213
Goodfellow AFB, TX 76908-3516
United States

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours

No special hours at this time.

Items on Sale

Manger's Specials

Our Meat Department is currently featuring 80% ground beef and Choice Flap Meat which is great to make Delicious! Fajitas or Carne Asada.

Produce, Produce, Produce

Our Produce Department features fresh fruit cups made of watermelon, pineapple and a variety of strawberries, grapes and cantaloupe. We take pride in preparing these cups daily at an economical price.

Grocery Department

Featuring Freedom's Choice and Home Base products.

Also, have a great special on Kellogg's products, buy any (3) Kellogg's items and get (1) case of Freedoms Choice water Free!

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Area Code = (325)

Commissary Officer:  Ms. Edith Dowtin / 654-3888 or 654-3357, x-3001

Deputy Commissary Officer:  Mr. Glenn Sergeant / 654-3357, x-3002

Customer Service Department: Ms. Dixie Gongora / 654-3358 x-3003

Grocery Department: Mr. John Gongora / 654-3358, x-3004

Meat Department: Mr, Adrian Castillo / 654.3358 x-3005

Produce Department: 654.3358 x3006

MDBS Deli / Bakery / Sushi Operation: Ms. Donna Mallernee / 654.3358 x-3010

Special Information

Deli / Bakery / Sushi - Hours match Store Operating Hours.

Guest Rules

Guests may enter the commissary only when accompanied by an authorized patron. To protect the commissary benefit, I.D. cards will be verified upon checkout.

Special Order Information

For parties, special events, we're the go to place for custom designed bakery / deli / produce trays. Call the contact listed under department #s for exact details, possibilities, and prices. You won't regret getting your special needs met at our store.

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