5 - Office Management

Publications and Forms Program – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 2/29/16)
Records Management Program – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 3/31/16)
Records Management Program – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 3/31/16)

10 - Acquisition Management

Ratification of Unauthorized Commitments – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 6/30/16)
Contract Offloading – UNDER REVISION ( Target Date 6/30/16)
Contract Offloading – UNDER REVISION ( Target Date 6/30/16)
Government Wide Purchase Card

20 - Facilities

Energy Management Program – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 6/1/16)

30 - Safety, Security and Administration

Safety and Occupational Health Program – ON HOLD PENDING REORGANIZATION

35 - Information Resources Management

Network Enclave Security

40 - Plans and Policy

Meat Department Directive
Produce Operating Department Directive
Grocery Department Operations Directive
Customer Service Department Directive
Transportation and leased Motor Vehicles – UNDER REVISION (will move to 45 series Logistics Directorate) (Target Date 3/31/16)
Accountability for Commissary Resale Merchandise – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 6/8/16)
Specialty Department Operations Directive

45 - Logistics

Management and Use of Motor Vehicles

50 - Human Resources

Commissary Career Program
Nonpermanent Employment Authorities and Other Than Full-Time Work Schedules
Telework Program
DeCA Personnel Suitability and Security Programs – ON HOLD PENDING REORGANIZATION
Alternative Work Schedules

55 - Equal Employment Opportunity

Discrimination Complaints Processing Program & Prevention of Sexual Harrassment – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 7/6/16)
Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

60 - Strategic Planning

Improve DeCA's Efficiency and Service (IDEAS) – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 7/31/16)

70 - Resource Management

Financial Procedures for the Accounts Control Section and the Office of the Commissary Officer – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 8/1/16)
Financial Management for Payroll – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 8/1/16)
Commercial Activities Program – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 5/16/16)
ManPower Management – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 9/30/16)

80 - General Counsel

Litigation Involving DeCA – UNDER REVISION WILL BE INCORPORATED WITH DECAD 80-9 AND DECAD 80-11 (Target Date 6/1/16)
Cooperation with the Office of Special Counsel of the Merit Systems Protection Board – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 5/1/16)
Procedures for Investigating Officers – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 6/15/16)
Defense Commissary Agency Privacy Act Program Directive

90 - Internal Review

Internal Audit Activities

100 - Public Affairs

DeCA Public Affairs Program
Management of DeCA Websites
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