5 - Office Management

Records Disposition Manual – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 3/31/16)

10 - Acquisition Management

10 Series (Manuals)-13.01
Government Wide Purchase Card Manual

40 - Plans and Policy

Accountability for Resale Merchandise
Meat Department Manual

50 - Human Resources

Recognition and Incentive Awards Program Manual
Nonpermanent Employment Authorities and Other Than Full-time Work Schedules Manual
DeCA Overseas Employment Manual
Commissary Career Program Manual
Workforce Development Policies and Procedures Manual
Merit Staffing Plan Manual
Absence and Leave Manual – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 3/15/16)
Alternative Work Schedule Manual
Administrative Grievance System Manual

55 - Equal Employment Opportunity

Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Manual

70 - Resource Management

Manager's Guide to Completing the DeCA Managers' Internal Control Program Risk Mitigation – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 7/15/16)
Manpower Management Manual

80 - General Counsel

Privacy Act Program Manual – UNDER REVISION (Target Date 8/19/16)
DeCA Civil Liberties Program

45 - Logistics

Management and Use of Motor Vehicles Manual

90 - Internal Review

Internal Audit Manual
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