Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales

This program allows Guard / Reserve members or authorized patrons to order items and have them delivered to areas that are not close to an existing commissary. For detailed information regarding onsite sales in your area, click the store location below. Additional sales are always being added, so check this page often for updates.

The host commissary works with Guard/Reserve units that have at least 150 members stationed in an area and selects items to offer to these individuals during the sale. For information on how to have a sale near you, contact your unit who can then call the nearest Commissary to discuss the possibility.

A woman wearing a blue shirt, picking up a head of cauliflower from a large display of fresh vegetables. Text overlay over the image that says: There are no Guard/Reserve events at this time. Please check back later!
There are currently no Healthy Lifestyle Festival dates. Please check back soon to find a date near you.
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