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Normal Hours
1000 - 1800
1000 - 1800
1000 - 1800
1000 - 1800
0830 - 1400
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300 Highway 361, Bldg 1894
NSA Crane, IN 47522-5001
United States

Commissary Leadership

William F. Moore

Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Commissary Agency

Amanda Vega

Store Manager

Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Saucedo, USMC

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

William F. Moore

Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Commissary Agency

Amanda Vega

Store Manager

Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Saucedo, USMC

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours

Important information Patrons:

Your Crane Commissary will be CLOSED on 23 of December 2022 due to inclement weather. We will be open on 24th of December 2022 as normal.

We want to thank you for supporting your Crane Commissary.

Happy Holidays from your Crane Commissary! 

Crane Commissary Holiday hours: 

Christmas Eve 24th of December 2022 from 0830-1400


Christmas Day 25th of December 2022

New Years day 1st of January 2023

Items on Sale

Your Everyday Savings (YES!)

The YES! program provides great savings on a daily basis for many of the items you buy most frequently. Learn more about the YES! program.

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Grocery: 812.854.1297 ext. 3016

Special Information

Your NSA Crane Commissary is here to serve you.  We are a small store with an amazing variety of products on our shelves. We appreciate you and your service.


Join our noble cause to serve the most deserving.

We are Hiring – Learn More!


Express Line Newsletter

If you would like to be placed on our email contact list to receive information on events happening at NSA Crane Commissary. Email us at: and type 'subscribe' in the subject line.


Thank You

Thank you for making our commissary your primary grocery store. We are honored to support you and your family's grocery needs!


Crane Commissary

CLICK2GO: 812.854.1297 ext. 3425 


SHOP on line with Click-2-Go


  • Commissary CLICK2GO is live! 
  • Online payment only. We accept: Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard
  • The $4.95 service fee has been waived for all patrons
  • No minimum order size or dollar amount required and customers can order 24/7 up to six days in advance

Benefits to using service:

  • Solution for patrons who need assistance 
  • Assists patrons with staying on budget as customers can view estimated prices, the sales and promotion flyer, digital coupons, etc. 
  • Provides the utmost convenience:
    • Method of payment – online only
    • Offer substitutions for out of stock items. Customers can request: same brand different price, same size different brand, etc.
    • Commissary CLICK2GO displays item descriptions & ingredients
    • Customers can view their order history for ease in re-ordering desired products
    • Customers can avoid waiting in line at checkout 
  • Freshness of your grocery items:
    • Product is stored in appropriate containers (chill, freeze or ambient temperature) prior to picking up
    • Quality check is performed prior to your arrival 
  • Online grocery shopping encourages meal planning by allowing patrons to plan ahead
  • Commissary CLICK2GO offers robust recipe features
    Commissary CLICK2GO
    Making the benefit more convenient for you!
    Let your commissary team do your shopping for you! It is as easy as – order online – choose your time – pick up curbside! Fast and easy!

    For more information please visit:

Commissary CLICK2GO FAQs

 How do I find my Military DOD ID Number?

  1. How do I place a Commissary CLICK2GO order?
  • Access CLICK2GO from your computer/mobile device by logging into your account. If you don’t already have an account you can register on the login page.
  • Choose your preferred commissary location
  • Search for products by name or select the department and category links to browse our virtual aisles
  • When you’re ready, choose your pickup time and complete checkout. 

2.     What should I bring to pick up my order?

  • Your military ID or authorized agent card is required
  • Confirmation email 

3.     Do I pay for my order online or at the time of pickup?

  • Payment is collected online. Your total payment may be slightly different (either higher or lower) than your estimated total shown online due to random weight items such as produce and meat. Additionally, DeCA's pricing policy, similar to that of retail grocery chains providing this service, is to charge you the item price in effect on the day and time of pickup. 

4.     What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • We do NOT accept cash, check, EBT/WIC vouchers 

5.     Will I be charged a service fee when using Commissary CLICK2GO?

1.     the $4.95 service fee has been waived for all patrons

2.     no minimum order size or minimum dollar amount required.


6.     What are Crane Commissary’s CLICK2GO operating hours?

  • Tuesday – Friday, 11 am / 5 pm 
  • Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, up to six days in advance of the desired pickup date. 

7.     How soon can I pick up my order?

  • There is a minimum six-hour lead-time from the time the order is submitted to the time of curbside pickup. For example, an order submitted at 5am can be picked up the same day as early as 11am
  • Orders placed after 11am will default to the next available pickup time the following day. 

8.     What happens if I am going to be late?

  • If you are running late or will be unable to pick up your order altogether, contact your CLICK2GO commissary via email or phone. That information is located on your confirmation email. The store will accommodate your schedule. 

9.     Should I tip the person handling my order when I pick up my groceries?

  • No, Commissary CLICK2GO employees are not allowed to accept tips. 

10. How do I cancel my Commissary CLICK2GO order?

  • You can cancel an order up to 4.5 hours prior to your reserved pickup time

    1. Log into account
    2. Select “My Account” then select “My Orders”
    3. Select the order you want to cancel then scroll down and click "Cancel Order"
    4. Select “Yes” to continue 

11. How Do I add notes to my order?

  • To input notes for specific substitution requests or to add additional comments please select the grocery cart in the top right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down and select “View Full List”
  • From the drop-down arrow, select your substitution preference and provide any additional instructions in the “Add Notes” section. 

12. How does Commissary CLICK2GO substitute out of stock items?

  • You are able to make substitutions for all items or individual items in your order. You are also able to make specific substitution requests by adding notes to your order. 
  • We will substitute a like item in the closest size and price of the actual item ordered.
  • If you do not approve of the substituted item it can be deleted from your order at curbside.
  • Most items sold in the commissary are available on CLICK2GO. If you know an item is sold in the store, but cannot find it on the website, ask for it in the comments box. And if that item is available we will add it to you order. 

13. Does Commissary CLICK2GO accept coupons?

  • Yes, digital coupons on the DeCA Rewards Card. Paper coupons are not accepted at this time.
  • For Rewards Card coupons to be applied to your order please clip the coupon before you add that desired item to your basket.
  • Please add your Rewards Card number in the notes section. 

14. How do I return an item?

  • Per our return policy, returns must be handled inside the commissary at customer service. 

15. Can I use my personal reusable bags?

  • Yes. If you would like us to use paper or reusable bags rather than plastic please let us know by adding comments to your order.

Helpful Hints

  • If you encounter website performance issues please switch to a different browser to improve your Commissary CLICK2GO experience. Supporting browsers:
  • Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Crane Commissary CLICK2GO: 812.854.1297 ext. 3425 



“To be THE grocery provider of choice for our eligible patrons – delivering a vital benefit exclusively for our military community and their families.”

Guest Rules

Guests may enter the commissary only when accompanied by an authorized patron. To protect the commissary benefit, I.D. cards will be verified upon checkout.

Special Order Information

Orders are prepared at Fort Knox Commissary and delivered to NSA Crane Commissary on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Call 812.854.1297 ext. 3016 or email to order.

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