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Store Hours

Hours of Operation
0900 - 1900
0830 - 2000
0830 - 2000
0830 - 2000
0830 - 2000
0830 - 2000
0900 - 1900
Deli Hours
0900 - 1900
0900 - 2000
0900 - 2000
0900 - 2000
0900 - 2000
0900 - 2000
0900 - 1900
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1 Hon-cho, BLDG H-20
Yokosuka, Kanagawa

Commissary Leadership

William F. Moore

Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Commissary Agency

Robert Vagasky

Store Director

Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Saucedo, USMC

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

William F. Moore

Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Commissary Agency

Robert Vagasky

Store Director

Sgt. Maj. Michael R. Saucedo, USMC

Senior Enlisted Advisor to the DeCA Director

Store Information & Holiday Hours

Special Hours


Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24: CLOSE at 1600

Christmas, Sunday December 25: CLOSED

New Year's Day, Sunday January 01, 2023: CLOSED

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday January 16, 2023: 1000-1900


Only valid ID card holders are able to access the store at this time - no additional visitors will be allowed to access the store.

We may be limiting the number of shoppers in the store at a single time in order to help practice social distancing.  


Items on Sale

Commissary Store Brands

Check out the huge savings on your new commissary store brands Freedom's Choice, TopCare, and HomeBase products! The quality you want for the price you deserve!

Last Chance Items

Check out the clearance corner and throughout the store for an ever-changing selection of items available up to 50% off the normal selling price.




Mobile app gives shoppers convenient access to Commissary CLICK2GO, sales flyer, recipes and more

Customers can now download a mobile app to access the Defense Commissary Agency’s (DeCA) website programs such as Commissary CLICK2GO online payment and curbside pickup, digital coupons, the sales flyer, dietitian-approved recipes and much more. Available free for download via the Google Play and Apple app stores for Android and Apple devices respectively, the mobile app gives commissary shoppers access to a variety of DeCA’s online functions on their smart phones and tablets. Read the entire news release online.


Commissary CLICK2GO customers can now use MILITARY STAR cards for their online purchases

Patrons using Commissary CLICK2GO, the Defense Commissary Agency’s online shopping and curbside pickup service, can now use the MILITARY STAR card to purchase their groceries through the website. “We’re pleased to announce that commissary customers now have the option to use their MILITARY STAR cards when they’re shopping online,” said Dr. Theon Danet, executive director of DeCA’s IT Group. “This initiative shows the strength of our collaboration with our military resale partners, specifically the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). Read the entire news release online.


Customers can use their benefit to shop for holiday gifts

Holiday shopping can take quite a bit of time. However, by thinking outside the grocery bag and using your commissary benefit you can pick up some holiday gifts right from your local store. Read the entire news release online.




Visit DeCA on the Web at: www.commissaries.com; www.twitter.com/YourCommissary; www.youtube.com/user/DefenseCommissary; www.facebook.com/YourCommissary; www.flickr.com/photos/commissary/; www.pinterest.com/YourCommissary; www.instagram.com/YourCommissary/

Sidewalk Sales

No sidewalk sales at this time.

Department Telephone Numbers

Customer Service: 243-8935

Deli/ Bakery: 243-5193

Grocery: 243-7560

Meat: 243-5831

Produce: 243-5372

Special Information

Join our noble cause to serve the most deserving.

We are Hiring – Learn More! 


Military Star Card

Now accepted! Learn more about the Military Star Card.


Commissary CLICK2GO:



                          New!   CLICK2GO Mobile app

From easy online ordering to information on healthy living and of course,

Savings, your new Commissary mobile app will help you make the most

of your Commissary benefit!  

                                           Visit us at



                                           SHOP online 

                                         at Click-2-Go



  • Commissary CLICK2GO is live! 
  • Online payment only. We accept: Visa, Discover, American Express & MasterCard
  • The $4.95 service fee has been waived for all patrons
  • No minimum order size or dollar amount required and customers can order 24/7 up to six days in advance

Benefits to using service:

  • Solution for patrons who need assistance
  • Assists patrons with staying on budget as customers can view estimated prices, the sales and promotion flyer, digital coupons, etc.
  • Provides the utmost convenience:
    • Method of payment – online only
    • Offer substitutions for out of stock items. Customers can request: same brand different price, same size different brand, etc.
    • Commissary CLICK2GO displays item descriptions & ingredients
    • Customers can view their order history for ease in re-ordering desired products
    • Customers can avoid waiting in line at checkout
  • Freshness of your grocery items:
    • Product is stored in appropriate containers (chill, freeze or ambient temperature) prior to picking up
    • Quality check is performed prior to your arrival
  • Online grocery shopping encourages meal planning by allowing patrons to plan ahead
  • Commissary CLICK2GO offers robust recipe features
    Commissary CLICK2GO
    Making the benefit more convenient for you!
    Let your commissary team do your shopping for you! It is as easy as – order online – choose your time – pick up curbside! Fast and easy!
    For more information please visit:

Commissary CLICK2GO FAQs

 How do I find my Military DOD ID Number?

  1. How do I place a Commissary CLICK2GO order?
  • Access CLICK2GO from your computer/mobile device by logging into your shop.commissaries account. If you don’t already have an account you can register on the login page.
  • Choose your preferred commissary location
  • Search for products by name or select the department and category links to browse our virtual aisles
  • When you’re ready, choose your pickup time and complete checkout
  1. What should I bring to pick up my order?
  • Your military ID or authorized agent card is required
  • Confirmation email
  1. Do I pay for my order online or at the time of pickup?
  • Payment is collected online. Your total payment may be slightly different (either higher or lower) than your estimated total shown online due to random weight items such as produce and meat. Additionally, DeCA's pricing policy, similar to that of retail grocery chains providing this service, is to charge you the item price in effect on the day and time of pickup.
  1. What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • We do NOT accept cash, check, EBT/WIC vouchers
  1. Will I be charged a service fee when using Commissary CLICK2GO?


      1. the $4.95 service fee has been waived for all patrons
      2. is no minimum order size or minimum dollar amount required.
  1. What are Commissary CLICK2GO’s operating hours?
  • Monday – Wednesday – Friday, 10 am / 2 pm 
  • Tuesday – Thursday, 10 am / 4 pm


  • Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, up to six days in advance of the desired pickup date
  1. How soon can I pick up my order?
  • There is a minimum six-hour lead-time from the time the order is submitted to the time of curbside pickup. Cut off is 2359 the night prior for pick up the following day.
  1. What happens if I am going to be late?
  • If you are running late or will be unable to pick up your order altogether, contact your CLICK2GO commissary via email or phone. That information is located on your confirmation email. The store will accommodate your schedule.
  1. Should I tip the person handling my order when I pick up my groceries?
  • No, Commissary CLICK2GO employees are not allowed to accept tips.
  1. How do I cancel my Commissary CLICK2GO order?
  • You can cancel an order up to 4.5 hours prior to your reserved pickup time

    1. Log into shop.commissaries account
    2. Select “My Account” then select “My Orders”
    3. Select the order you want to cancel then scroll down and click "Cancel Order"
    4. Select “Yes” to continue
  1. How Do I add notes to my order?
  • To input notes for specific substitution requests or to add additional comments please select the grocery cart in the top right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down and select “View Full List”
  • From the drop-down arrow, select your substitution preference and provide any additional instructions in the “Add Notes” section
  1. How does Commissary CLICK2GO substitute out of stock items?
  • You are able to make substitutions for all items or individual items in your order. You are also able to make specific substitution requests by adding notes to your order. 
  • We will substitute a like item in the closest size and price of the actual item ordered.
  • If you do not approve of the substituted item it can be deleted from your order at curbside.
  • Most items sold in the commissary are available on CLICK2GO. If you know an item is sold in the store, but cannot find it on the website, ask for it in the comments box. And if that item is available we will add it to you order.
  1. Does Commissary CLICK2GO accept coupons?
  • Yes, digital coupons on the DeCA Rewards Card. Paper coupons are not accepted at this time.
  • For Rewards Card coupons to be applied to your order please clip the coupon before you add that desired item to your basket.
  • Please add your Rewards Card number in the notes section
  1. How do I return an item?
  • Per our return policy, returns must be handled inside the commissary at customer service.
  1. Can I use my personal reusable bags?
  • Yes. If you would like us to use paper or reusable bags rather than plastic please let us know by adding comments to your order.

Helpful Hints

  • If you encounter website performance issues please switch to a different browser to improve your Commissary CLICK2GO experience. Supporting browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Guest Rules

100% Military ID check is in effect - no visitors until further notice. 

Special Order Information

Got a group function looming in the near future? The commissary can help you with fruit and veggie trays from our produce department and our deli can help with those meat and cheese platters, sub sandwich's and a host of other types of munchies! Spend your time socializing, not preparing food. Stop by either department, or call the store for details.

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