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Croughton Store Information


No change in operational hours for Veterans Day. Open as normal.


MONDAY 23RD: 1000-1800
TUESDAY 24TH: 1000-2000
WEDNESDAY 25TH: 0900-1800
FRIDAY 27TH: 1000-1800
SATURDAY 28TH: 1000-1700

We have a wide variety of seasonal items in stock!


If you have come to our store, chances are, you have seen the new salad bar! Stocked fresh daily with a variety of fresh salad items! Come by and grab a salad for an easy and quick lunch option! Open Daily from Tuesday through Saturday.


We can provide a number of things for multiple types of functions and events! Salads, fruit trays, vegetable trays (fresh cut veggies as well as lettuce, tomato & onion trays typically used for burgers), just to name a few! Please allow us enough time to order your items if not already stocked, if you are ordering in bulk and e and enough time to make any produce trays!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for cake orders, as they are placed through the bakery in Germany and we need to allow time for delivery.

The Croughton Commissary would like to ask the Community to submit a Special Order for bulk items needed for any Unit functions you may have. We would also like to ask that if you are traveling some distance to stock up on any bulk items, to please call first to make sure we have what you are looking for. In the event that we do not have a particular item, we can order them for you to ensure they are here for you upon arrival. Please specify UPC, Brand, size and type of item being requested. UPC numbers help ensure we are ordering you the exact item needed.

At this time, Croughton Commissary does not participate in the "click 2 go" program, so if you are emailing a list of items that we regularly stock, we cannot pull those items for you unless they are in large quantities.


We ask you submit a special order for any particular fresh meat cut desired if not already on display. We no longer carry the full range of fresh and frozen cuts due to a reduction in customer demand. We will however, special order any fresh cut and amount you desire.

You can forward your requests to and call if you have any questions.

Manufacturer Coupons

Just a reminder: Manufacture Coupons are good up to 6 months past their expiration date at RAF Croughton Commissary. You can use your rewards card for additional savings, if you do not have one, pick one up and register so you can start saving even more.


Commissaries stay vigilant in tracking food recalls.
September is Food Safety Month, and commissary patrons can rest assured yearlong that their store has a team of dedicated professionals protecting the safety of their groceries, said Army Col. Michael A. Buley, director of the Defense Commissary Agencys public health and safety directorate. Once a recall alert goes out, we quickly close the loop with our stores to ensure any recalled products are promptly removed from the sales floor, Buley said. We are part of a food safety network, a wall if you will, that stands guard against various foodborne illnesses, undeclared allergens and substances and processing defects. For current food safety notices access the following link on the DeCA website, For safe food handling guidelines go to

Commissary Gift Cards

Commissary $25.00 and $50.00 gift cards are available. The commissary gift cards can be redeemed at any commissary by authorized patron. This is a good way to send gifts or hand out as door prizes at your command or organizational parties. If interested, please see the Customer Service Manager.

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