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Deli Super Bowl Playoff Dinner $35.00 / plus Surcharge

50 Chicken Wings
Ranch Dressing
5lbs of BBQ Ribs
5 Onions Rolls
6 Cup Cakes

Available for Super bowl week end Saturday and Sunday pick up only.

Party Trays Available

Sandwich Trays, Lunch Meat Sliced or Cubed Assorted Cheeses Sliced or Cubed. Fruit and Vegetable Trays available also. Please allow at least 24 hours notice on all special order trays.

Scholarships for Military Children Program is continuing until February 12, 2016.

Applications and other Scholarship information are available on a table located near the customers exit doors. Please see the Duty Manager for more information or visit the web site below.


Washington's Birthday Monday, 15 February 2016: 0900-1700


SUSHI!! FAST, FRESH & FUN. Located by our Deli/Bakery section.


The Vogelweh Commissary has a Coupon Cabinet! Coupons are provided by individuals and organizations in the United States. This is their way of supporting the military families overseas. Feel free to stop by and go through the coupons. The Coupon Cabinet is located just around the first corner on the right as you enter the commissary. All coupons used in the commissary are valid for up to six months past the expiration date.

Holiday Displays

We have numerous baking, holiday and international holiday items displayed throughout the store for your convenience. Lots of German Tins to choose from, stop by see whats available.

(Your turkey could be free)

Turkey coupons Booklet are here. Take advantage of all the coupons available in the holiday coupon booklet, sponsored by our industry partners. The coupons used from the booklet go towards saving on your Turkey purchase. Booklets are located in our coupon cabinet area and also displayed near register #8. Stop by and pick up your booklet before they are all gone.

Special Party Trays

Let us help!! We have a variety of Party Trays. The selection includes, Sandwich Trays, Lunch Meat Sliced or Cubed Assorted Cheeses Sliced or Cubed & Assorted Cookies or Assorted Pastry Trays. Fruit and Vegetables Trays are available as well, also by special order.

Also visit our Produce Department to pick up a pre made fruit basket. It is the perfect hostess gift. Or choose from Poinsettias, little potted Christmas Trees, or other holiday plants. Available in assorted sizes, and some already decorated with ribbons, or Christmas ornaments.


The Commissary accepts the MILITARY STAR Rewards MasterCard. Purchases will be applied to the MasterCard portion of your card. The Commissary does not accept the private label MILITARY STAR Card.


Your Vogelweh Commissary is open for self-checkout, 15 items or less, Monday thru Sunday from 0730 to 0900. All departments will be available to serve you, with the exception of limited Deli selections. Please take advantage of this additional, convenient service.


Your Vogelweh Commissary wants to know...Do you have upcoming summer BBQ's or parties?

Contact our Produce and/or Deli departments for party trays. Please plan in advance for high quantity purchases by placing special orders in all departments at least 48 hours in advance.

Please contact the individual departments for exact advance time requirements.

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