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Cannon AFB

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Item Aisle Item Aisle
Diet Foods 1-A Health & Beauty 1-A
Hosiery 1-A Soap (Bath) 1-A
Vitamins 1-A Barbecue Sauce 1-B
Honey 1-B Jam 1-B
Jelly 1-B Ketchup 1-B
Mustard 1-B Peanut Butter 1-B
Pickles 1-B Salad Dressing 1-B
Vinegar 1-B Baking Chocolate 2-A
Baking Items 2-A Cake Mix 2-A
Coconut 2-A Flour 2-A
Fruit (Canned) 2-A Jello 2-A
Marshmallows 2-A Nuts/Baking 2-A
Oils/Cooking 2-A Pepper 2-A
Pie Filling 2-A Salt 2-A
Shortening 2-A Spices 2-A
Sugar 2-A Chili (Canned) 2-B
Fish (Canned) 2-B Meats (canned) 2-B
Potatoes (Boxed) 2-B Prepared Dinners 2-B
Soup 2-B Stuffing Mix 2-B
Tuna 2-B Vegetables (Can) 2-B
Asian Foods 3-A German 3-A
German/Gourmet Food 3-A International Foods 3-A
International/Gourmet Foods 3-A Kool Aid 3-A
Mexican Food 3-A Pasta 3-A
Rice 3-A Spaghetti 3-A
Tomato Paste 3-A Cocoa 3-B
Coffee 3-B Coffee Creamer 3-B
Juice (Can/Bottle) 3-B Milk (Canned) 3-B
Milk (Condensed) 3-B Tea 3-B
Candy 4-A Cereal (cold) 4-A
Cereal (Hot) 4-A Granola Bars 4-A
GUM 4-A Nuts/Snacking 4-A
Pancake Mix 4-A Pop Tarts 4-A
Popcorn 4-A Syrups/Pancake 4-A
Chips 4-B Cookies 4-B
Crackers 4-B Water 4-B
Aluminum Foil 5-A Cups, Plastic 5-A
Feminine Hygiene 5-A Lunch Bags 5-A
Napkins 5-A Plastic Bags 5-A
Plastic Wraps 5-A Plates/Cups 5-A
Soft Drinks 5-A Wraps 5-A
Baby Food/Formula 5-B Bath Tissue 5-B
Diapers 5-B Paper Towels 5-B
Tissue/Bath 5-B Air Freshener 6-A
Batteries 6-A Bleach 6-A
Cleaning Supplies 6-A Detergent 6-A
Fabric Softener 6-A Household Goods 6-A
Insecticide 6-A Kitchenware 6-A
Laundry Detergent 6-A Light Bulbs 6-A
Soap (Dish) 6-A Wax (Floor) 6-A
Cat Food 6-B Cat Litter 6-B
Charcoal 6-B Dog Food 6-B
Pet Supplies/Food 6-B Lunch Meats 7-A
Meats (Frozen) 7-B Frozen Foods 7A-8B
Ice Cream 9-A Bread 9-B
Rice Cakes 9-B Dairy Products DAIRY
Eggs DAIRY Margarine DAIRY
Ice FRONT Salt Pellets FRONT
Chicken Fresh MEAT Meats (Fresh) MEAT
Cigarettes REG#1 Tobacco REG#1

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