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* Osan AB DSN 784-4496 / 4357
* Camp Humphreys DSN 753-6711
* Kunsan AB DSN 782-5437
* K-16 Air Field DSN 741-6754

* Osan Grocery DSN:784-6696
* Osan Meat DSN: 784-6763
* Osan Produce DSN: 784-2909
* Osan Deil, Bakery & Sushi DSN: 784-6892

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Tuesday ~ Friday Early Bird Shopping 0700-1000 hours

Our hours have been extended to better serve you our valued customer. Early Bird shopping is designated for 15 items or less; for example milk; eggs; bread and essential baby needs. If you should have any questions and or suggestion please feel free to contact our management staff at 784-4546 or 4485.

Commissary surcharge helps patrons improve benefit
When military service members shop their commissary, they save a substantial amount of money, while contributing to the improvement of the commissary system. That's because for almost 60 years, Congress has required commissaries to collect a surcharge on purchases to make them more self-sustaining. Every time our customers shop at the commissary, they are not only saving money because we sell at cost, but they are also taking care of their own, said Joseph H. Jeu, DeCA director and CEO. Their purchases help improve commissary facilities for their brothers and sisters in uniform. The surcharge, which has been set at 5 percent for the past 28 years, is used to build replacement stores, renovate and repair existing stores, and purchase equipment such as freezers and cash registers. Even with the surcharge, customers still enjoy an average of 32 percent or more in savings.
Commissary shoppers can find extra savings opportunities through a new feature on DeCA's website that makes it easy to find new commissary-oriented websites. Created by companies that sell their products in commissaries, there are six new websites designed for commissary shoppers. Their offerings include coupons, contests and other types of shopper services for exclusive use by commissary shoppers. On Sept. 1, DeCA's home page started featuring the Exclusive Savings link to its page that has the links to the new websites. Offerings differ from site to site, but they all offer something special above what you may find in our stores, said Chris Burns, DeCA's director of sales. Our industry partners have worked hard to make this possible for our military service members, their families and military retirees, and were glad to be able to offer an easy way to find these values with a link on our website.DeCA does not control the content of the sites, Burns added. DeCA's website is featuring links to these sites as a service to commissary customers, to make it easier for them to get the most out of their commissary benefit, he said.

DeCA announces Commissary Gift Card program

Anyone can purchase the card, but only an authorized patron can redeem it. A customer uses the card as long as there is a balance on it; once the complete $25 or $50 total is exhausted, the card can no longer be used. There is no monetary change issued for unused portions of the card. Shoppers can use the remaining card balance in conjunction with other forms of payment and the ability to order them online helps people who may not ordinarily be connected with the military, or even on an installation, to still be able to reach out to support the troops."
customers who have already purchased gift vouchers will be able to redeem them through Aug. 31, 2016.

The cards will be available at all commissaries worldwide - on a
rack at full service, front-end registers - as well as through the DeCA Web Site.

The cards expire five years from the date of purchase.
* Online orders incur a handling fee. These fees are not assessed to
in-store orders.
* There is no limit to the number of gift cards that a purchaser can
buy. However, DeCA officials recommend organizations and activities consider
purchasing online if they need $500 or more in gift cards.
* Commissary Gift Cards can be shipped anywhere in the United States.
Outside the United States, gift cards can be shipped to APO, FPO or DPO
For customer service questions, call the toll-free phone number,
1-877-988-4438, which also allows the user to check the card balance.
DeCA is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, destroyed or mutilated cards.

Upcoming Holiday Schedule
Monday 19 Dec : Closed
Tueday 20 Dec : Open (Early Bird 07:00-10:00, 10:00-19:00PM)
Satday 24 Dec: Open (09:00-16:00PM)
Sunday 25 Dec: Closed
Monday 26 Dec: Closed
Tueday 27 Dec: Open (Early Bird 07:00-10:00, 10:00-19:00PM)
Satday 31 Dec: Open (10:00-19:00PM)
Sunday 1 Jan 2017: Closed
Monday 2 Jan 2017: Closed

OCONUS Food Safety

In DeCA's continued efforts to offer an extensive assortment of safe and wholesome food products to OCONUS patrons, it is necessary for a select number of brand name suppliers to freeze food product(s) that are characteristically sold fresh in the continental United State. Hence, patrons may occasionally find a frozen food that appears to be past its expiration date. However, all product(s) of this nature have been evaluated by military food inspection personnel for safety and quality.
*Meat Sold Frozen With a Fresh Expiration Date
- Typically safe to consume for up to one year in a frozen state. Some items, such as Butterball Turkeys, are safe to consume for up to 2 years beyond sell-by date stamped according to manufacture's guidelines.

*Thaw and Sell Items
- Product received in a frozen stat and subsequently sold in chill or shelf stable items are labeled with a new expiration date in accordance with industry and manufacturer guideline.

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